Ariel Coro and Tu Tecnologia en el Desayuno Musical

Ariel Coro et al. posing for the camera - Danny Cruz

Coro was invited recently to record a new generation of tech segments in El Desayuno Musical with Javier Romero, Paula Arcila y Danny Cruz on Amor 107.5, one of Miami’s top radio stations. The show runs from 6:00 to 11:00 AM and covers entertainment, news, great music and throughout the years, it has become an integral part of the lives of many of the people of Miami.

We are doing weekly segments, a format that works very well for us. The listeners get used to tuning in on a specific day to get the latest tips and technology news that are relevant, interesting and many times, refreshingly funny.

I’m an entertainer at heart but I’m also an educator. It would seem many times that these segments are all about fun but the reality is that the best education is the one that’s happening when people don’t realize it.

One of the recent segments was about the massive internet attack that crippled major providers across the country and it was caused, in large part, by security devices such as IP cameras connected to the Internet.

My best mentors always taught me that you have to have people’s attention in order for them to learn, that’s why when people realize the potential privacy dangers that these cameras can pose, they prioritize their security.

I have lot of fun planning these segments because I get to comment about the coolest things that are happening in the world of science and technology that often times are not covered by mainstream media. It’s a chance to show my inner geek and have fun doing it.

Future segments will also include everything from science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) topics that will inspire Hispanics to pursue these careers. This is very important because right now, the diversity problem where Hispanics are seriously underrepresented in technology companies has to end.

The segments were very well received by the audience and we expect that this small new addition to such a prestigious show becomes an integral part of the program itself.

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