Capitalizing on disruptive tech trends

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Disruptive Tech Trends have the habit of changing complete industries in the blink of an eye. If businesses of any size and even complete industries are not carefully paying attention, their models can be transformed overnight leading to potential gains or disaster. With the new pace of innovation propelled by technological progress, industries are born, transformed or, in the worse case scenario, practically extinguished in a very short period of time. These transformational and sweeping changes can be recognized in the rear view mirror but by then, it’s usually too late. If your organization are not prepared to recognize and embrace these trends while they are happening or about to happen, the market can just impose dramatic changes that you weren’t prepared for. The signs are usually there, your organization just needs to learn to recognize them.

In this fast paced and interactive presentation, Coro will help the audience understand and identify specific disruptive tech trends that have the potential change the game as we know it and share tips to recognize and adapt to changesΒ  brought to your industry propelled by technology that will allow your company to adapt and capitalize on these inevitable transformations.

The audience will walk away with a good grasp of the subject while remembering these important points.

  • What are the tell-tale signs that disruptive tech trends are affecting your business?
  • Do your people or your organization have what it takes to stay competitive and relevant?
  • What are some of the Technologies and trends that can and will affect your business or industry?
  • The difference between sustaining and disruptive or revolutionary innovation and how to recognize it.
  • Specific steps your organization can take to recognize these trends and act upon them.

This keynote speech or workshop is highly customized to your industry and Coro will do extensive research combined with his experience to substantiate his point. This speech will provide a window into your industry that has the potential of catapulting your business and even industry to new heights.

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