Ariel Coro Tech Expert

Everything smart at CES

A gathering of the geeks Every year, in a peregrination like the salmon going upstream to spawn, over one hundred and fifty thousand people invade Las Vegas for CES. The Consumer Electronics Show, as it was formerly known, is a gathering of all things tech, from gadgets, to the latest advancements for almost any industry…

Rebtel Partnership Tech Expert Coro

Swedish Start-up Rebtel Launches Disruptive Activist Program

Announces world’s lowest calling rates to Cuba and partnership with Latino Tech Expert Ariel Coro Rebtel, the undisputed price leaders for high quality international calling, announced a total company rebranding in March and are working with Latino Tech Expert Ariel Coro of Tu Tecnologia to share the latest company programs with the Latino community in Miami. Liberating international…

Outsource your technology

To own or outsource your technology, that is the question for entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurial field can be daunting, considering everything you need to do to stay afloat. For small business owners, this can be especially challenging. Technology may not be a top priority for you, but it can sure become a differentiator. I know many business owners that try to ignore this fact and others that use it to smoke their competition, like Shannon Heil and Tommy Guest from Milkhouse that are using managed services from Comcast Business to gain a competitive advantage.