Outsource your technology

To own or outsource your technology, that is the question for entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurial field can be daunting, considering everything you need to do to stay afloat. For small business owners, this can be especially challenging. Technology may not be a top priority for you, but it can sure become a differentiator. I know many business owners that try to ignore this fact and others that use it to smoke their competition, like Shannon Heil and Tommy Guest from Milkhouse that are using managed services from Comcast Business to gain a competitive advantage.

Gadgets Kids

Gadgets for Kids on Despierta America

Summer break is here, school is off and kids are staying home all day, and sometimes it´s difficult to entertain them, while also keeping them active. Ariel Coro, the most influential technology expert for Latinos, shares some of the latest toys and gadgets for this season during his segment in Despierta America. These gadgets will…


Coro commenting on Telemedicine on CNN

Technology and the health industry The annual American Telemedicine Association Conference and Expo took place recently in Los Angeles, California. The American Telemedicine Association is dedicated to discovering and promoting the usage of remote medical technologies to better the quality, fairness and access to health care worldwide. Alejandra Oraa, the host of the show Café…