Coro brings tech to Univision América Radio Network

Ariel Coro holding a sign - Ariel Coro

Ariel Coro, the most trusted tech expert for Latinos has a new home on the national radio show, Univision América de Costa a Costa. Univision, which owns and operates 68 radio stations in 16 of the top markets in the US premiered this new national show on March, 2014. Ricardo Espinoza from Miami, Ricky Lopez from New York and Tsi Tsi Ki Félix from Chicago host the show which airs in Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, San Antonio, El Paso, Las Vegas and McAllen for now.

Univision América de Costa a Costa (from Coast to Coast) is an entertaining radio talk show airing during morning drive time. Spiced with news and entertainment the show provides useful advice and much needed discourse of great importance to Hispanic families on topics such as finance, health, culinary, education and now, technology.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of this show and to use the valuable airtime to motivate and educate Hispanos to achieve in this country by embracing STEM careers and making technology a useful part of their daily lives. I’m grateful for the opportunity to reach this audience and I’ll do my very best to give them the tools they need to succeed”, said Coro.

Coro is live every Wednesday from the Miami studio, home of the legendary WQBA station commenting on the latest advancements in technology, trends, gadgets and social media while providing useful resources for the audience. The inaugural segments discussed the latest news from Facebook and Instagram, provided useful tips on what to do with all the passwords accumulating in our lives and advised on when the right time to give a cell phone to your kids may be. The segments are entertaining but above all, they reflect Coro’s personal mission to educate Hispanics so they can leverage technology to succeed.

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