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In lieu of the recent NSA spying scandal and the secrets revealed by Edward Snowden, Ariel was recently invited back as a guest tech expert on the internationally acclaimed show, Oppenheimer Presenta. Conducted by Pulitzer award winning journalist, Andres Oppenheimer, the show airs on CNN en Español and has a reach of over 60 million homes.

Who is telling the truth? Andrés Oppenheimer asked a group of experts ranging from the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Katitza Rodriguez, to ex CIA agent Ray McGovern, former functionary of the State Department Ray Waiser, Wikileaks Spokesperson Kristinn Hrafsson, President Barack Obama’s former senior adviser on Latin America Dan Restrepo, Carlos Lauría from the Committee to Protect Journalists and our Ariel Coro, technology expert.

The scandal surrounding those secrets revealed by Snowden, has left the public with many unanswered questions such as the extent of the surveillance, the extent to which the US government spies on ordinary citizens and to what extent internet companies such as Google, Facebook and Twitter collaborated in providing access to all the data requested by the NSA. For one hour the discussion centered around surveillance and the rights of governments, such as the US and Latin America, to spy on its citizens and many other topics surrounding the controversy.

There seems to be a great deal of confusion and even conflicting information on what is being collected, especially in regards to metadata.

Coro brought the technical perspective to the show where he commented on how insecure the communication technologies that we use today actually are. From e-mails to text messages, the public needs to understand that these technologies were designed to be quick and effective but not necessarily secure.

Coro clarified some misconceptions about encryption since when people think of encryption, they only think of the actual device such as computer or phone storage and also the information in transit but they fail to understand that to be able to really protect our privacy, there needs to be a more comprehensive approach.

Nowadays, with the amount of computing power and advanced surveillance commanded by the NSA and other government agencies, it’s definitely more technically challenging to truly protect one’s privacy.

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