Coro Showcases Cool Mother’s Day Gadgets


Mother’s Day is a joyous occasion and an opportunity to celebrate the most important person in the world for each and every one of us, the mother that gave us life and brought us into the world. In the tech world, it’s also the time to showcase some of the coolest gadgets designed with women, particularly Moms, in mind. It’s a fact that Moms like tech and that there are now more products than ever catered to them and their specific needs.

Every year, Ariel Coro, the most recognized Tech Expert for Latinos is invited to various media outlets to showcase some of his latest cool gadget picks reaching millions of Hispanic Moms through outlets such as Univision’s Despierta America, CNN en Español and many others.

He showed off cool Mother’s Day Gadgets such as the Everpurse leather clutch, a purse designed for women on the go that want to stay connected to the world around them through their smartphones. Let’s face it, smart phone batteries especially iPhones, leave a lot to be desired in terms of duration. One thing is talking time, which every manufacturer advertises as if people still actually use their phones solely for talking, and another thing is battery life, with today’s true digital consumption behavior in mind. This purse is not only stylish, but has an ingenious compartment with a small dock where your iPhone plugs in and gets a very much needed battery juice boost. It keeps your phone alive for up to 48 hours, no small feat and comes in pretty handy.

Ariel had to of course show off a gift idea in the ever-popular wearable technology category. Fitbit, released a new color for their popular Flex fitness tracker in Violet, perfect for the summer and in the same palate as the Pantone color of the year, Radiant Orchid. This popular wearable fitness monitor keeps tabs on all the important metrics that allow busy Moms to stay healthy such as daily steps, distance traveled, calories burned and even quality of sleep. All this information syncs wirelessly with your phone via an app and a very functional dashboard where goals are set and personal trends monitored. This info can then be shared with friends and family to update them on your progress or even to compete and encourage one another to stay on track.

Another cool beauty gadget Coro presented was the Panasonic Nanoe flat iron. This innovation was presented at CES earlier this year. Panasonic figured out how to make a hair iron that can be used to straighten or curl hair without drying it out. How is it possible? The air circulation system in the device takes ions from the air and breaks them down into smaller particles that are held together by water molecules. These water rich molecules are infused into the hair while styling and allow for more beautiful, shinier and stronger hair.

Last but not least, Moms-to-be can now utilize a technology previously only available to doctors and hospitals to listen to their baby’s heartbeat while still in the womb. The best part is that not only can they listen to it but they can also share this special soundtrack with the whole family. The Bellabeat, is a fetal Doppler monitor that allows women to safely listen to their baby’s heartbeat and it is powered by an app that also allows the calculation of relevant dates throughout the pregnancy. Hearing a baby’s heartbeat is a wonderful experience for parents to be and these moments can now be treasured and even easily shared on social media.

Like every year, Coro presents cool ideas and his recommendations for tech fashion accessories and Mother’s day gadgtes for moms and why not, even for Moms-to-be as well.

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