Coro Showcases Tech Trends and Toys at CES 2014

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“I’m in the world’s biggest toy store!”, said Ariel Coro, Despierta América’s technology expert, while broadcasting live from CES 2014 in Las Vegas. This past week has been hectic, sleepless and fun for the tech expert while discovering the future tech trends and sharing it with Univisión’s audience, he also gets to play with toys that aren’t even out yet.

As one of the most important annual events in the world of technology, Coro provided international, national and local broadcast TV coverage of the event, as well as radio, print and digital.

Technology experts from all around the world gather to report on this event. Why? Because the Consumer Electronics Show (International CES) is, indeed, the tech lover’s heaven on Earth. The most important tech companies showcase their latest products, and announce their latest innovations in the field – and it only happens once a year.

Can you imagine? It’s like being a time traveler for a week, and seeing the future happen right in front of you, before anyone else! And so, it is Coro’s mission every year to discover new trends and gadgets that might change the way we see and live in the world.

One of the major trends is of course 4K. “You’ll get better colors and quality with these high-resolution, Ultra HDTV’s”, said TuTecnología’s founder, who was surprised by the extended dynamic range technology. This feature improves the brightness & contrast of the images, and makes your viewing experience more vivid and realistic. Sony, not only introduced 4K televisions but also introduced a 4K consumer video camera which futureproofs your families memories or the amateur videographer’s cinematic vision.

3D printing was also a major trend of the show. Companies such as FormLabs and MakerBot had notable models in this phenomenon that is taking the world by storm.Cars are also becoming more and more a part of the show as tech becomes part of automaker’s offerings. Audi´s initiatives in the field of piloted driving will change the way we think of mobility, according to Coro.

International CES 2014 also showcased more than 3,200 exhibits in the largest show floor in history, which was explored by more than 150,000 attendees, explained Coro. This platform for technological innovation holds conferences, events, and award ceremonies each year. It’s also where a simple gadget can become the biggest game changer, with the potential to revolutionize the world.

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