Coro talks about “Twiplomacy” with La Voz de América

Ariel Coro wearing a suit and tie - Ariel Coro

Social media has become much more than just sharing family pictures. During the last few years it has become the “channel of choice” for politicians and diplomacy.

It has been the preferred social media channel for important events like Mrs. Clinton´s announcement of her presidential bid and the unfolding of live worldwide news.

There are more than 4,100 embassies active on Twitter. In London, Washington, New York and Brussels most diplomatic missions use it to have a voice at the digital table. Even three Chinese missions are using Twitter, while Beijing remains the only G20 government without a presence.

“This is what technology does,” commented Coro. “It serves as a bridge, closing gaps between ideologies and governments. It allows us to be involved in real time with the daily events in politics. It is like being there, right at the very moment that history is taking place.”

Among the most followed leaders this year are: Barak Obama, Pope Francis, India´s Prime Minister Narenda Modi and R.T. Erodgan, president of Turkey. Pope Francis is considered the most influential one, followed (not closely) by the president of Saudi Arabia, King Salman, and Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro.
This social media vehicle also allows politicians to connect among them, which has created what can best be described as a virtual diplomatic network on Twitter.

“Those who want to leave a mark and have a successful and promising career as politicians and diplomats need to understand the power and outreach of this new technology,” assured Coro. “In this modern age of telecommunications, he who is not on the Internet is missing out on many valuable resources.”

Coro, the renowned technology expert for Latin America, concluded by saying that the most tweeted language by world leaders is Spanish, and that in order to keep up with their own leaders and what they are doing, Latinos need to stay connected with new technologies and social media.

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