Customer Service at the Speed of Social Media

Customer Service at the Speed of Social Media - A screen shot of a video game remote control - Mobile app

The rules of engagement for Customer Service have changed. Social Media has transformed customer service as we know it. Reputations are created and destroyed in the blink of an eye as people have learned to make snap decisions based solely on online reviews. Customers have come to expect 24/7 customer service at any time, with oftentimes unrealistic expectations of response rates.

These days, customer service interactions are moving to a digital public forum where companies are judged by how quickly they solve problems, while the whole world is watching and commenting in real-time.

Businesses of all sizes have learned the hard way about the avalanche effects caused by the amplifying nature of social media in a day and age, where anyone can have their voice heard by millions instantly. 

Customer service interactions used to be a private two-way transaction between the customer and your company. This all changed when services such as Yelp, Google My Business, Angie’s List, Home Advisor, and many other vertical-specific review sites got into the mix. In addition, customers are expecting answers via any platform they are using whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook just to name a few. 

During this keynote speech, your audience will discover

  • How anyone, even without technical expertise can use these tools and techniques to supercharge their online reputation
  • Clever techniques used by high-volume customer service businesses such as Hotels and Auto Dealerships to stay afloat
  • Simple tools used to automate part of the customer service journey to ensure the satisfaction of instant-response while your team can triage issues and deal with them in order of priority
  • How to continuously monitor your brand’s online mentions to stay alert of any potential issues
  • How companies of all sizes are leveraging artificial intelligence to automate customer interactions in a human-like way where customers don’t even notice they are dealing with a robot
  • The side effects of online reputation management and how to create a simple plan to stay ahead of bad reviews
  • Powerful case studies that demonstrate what to do and not do when dealing with a digitally native customer

Contact our team today and book this speech or keynote for your next event.

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