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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) matter today more than ever in America. Not only is the demographical landscape changing, but people are also starting to wake up to the fact that there is compelling evidence that diversity, equity and Inclusion propels innovation and it’s just a good idea for business. When it comes to DEI, it’s important to embrace inherent as well as acquired diversity in order for an organization to out-innovate its competitors.

Diversity-Oriented Speeches


The Cultura Catalyst

An innovation culture is on every leader’s wish list. The ability of their teams to think differently and go against the grain in order to create inventions, products, and services that have the ability to revolutionize industries is a novel goal. Like a Michelin Star chef, turning common ingredients into something extraordinary requires the playfulness

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Latinx Heritage Speaker Coro

Resourcefulness is in our roots

Ariel Coro, the most trusted tech expert for Hispanics and popular guest Hispanic Heritage Month Speaker announced today a special motivational speech in commemoration of Hispanic Heritage Month. His new speech, Resourcefulness is in our Roots, tells the story of how he grew up in Cuba during the “Período Especial” (Special Period) and how he and

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Innovating with an accent: Why Diversity is the key to innovation

This is a speech about innovation, creativity and why people of diverse backgrounds and cultures can create the perfect mix for an explosion of creativity and innovation within your organization. You’ve heard an accent before, it immediately tells you somebody is not from where you’re from. But, what are accents anyways?  When you learn a

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A comprehensive organization-wide diversity and inclusion strategy is actually a profit center.

Diversity blindness could cause your organization to miss opportunities by not recognizing critical challenges facing diverse communities.

Companies with higher executive board diversity had a 53% higher return on equity. 

Organizations with greater racial and gender diversity have a larger customer base, more sales revenue and their market values are higher.
Having a diverse workforce has a positive impact on hiring, job satisfaction and engagement of employees.
The future of the population requires a diverse workforce that’s in touch with the needs of the customer base.

Recent Speaking Engagements


Coro Keynotes Barclays’ Hispanic Heritage Event

Coro was the keynote speaker this week for the 3rd annual Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration at Barclays. The speech was a combination of Coro’s personal story of overcoming adversity and achievement, combined with tech trends in the financial industry and useful advice for participants. “Ariel was a great speaker – very engaging and funny. I

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University Keynote Speaker Tech Expert Ariel Coro

The Digital Drug: Keynote Speech at South Dakota State University

Personal technology may be taking a turn for the worse. For many years, I’ve been a loud cheerleader for technology. I’ve experienced its benefits firsthand, after all, my livelihood has and is intertwined with tech every step of the way. But, what has changed? This was the central theme to my Hispanic Heritage Keynote Speech

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Latino Speaker Hispanic Heritage Tech Innovation

Innovating with an Accent, Keynote Speech at CDW

We live in a globally connected economy. Thanks to the accessibility of technology worldwide, an unknown company can disrupt established organizations. Innovation and creativity are more important than ever, especially when combined with a vital ingredient – Diversity. Last week, I presented the keynote speech for CDW’s HOLA BRG Hispanic Heritage month event. It was

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Coro was born in Cuba and came to the US when he was 18 years old with very little education. He is completely self made, has become the most trusted voice for technology in Spanish Language TV, is an author and a successful entrepreneur. His speeches are motivational and full of practical advise and highlight the importance and benefits of diversity for organizations to be successful.
Absolutely. Every speaking engagement is customized specifically to the audience, event and organizer's requirements. Coro goes the extra mile to ensure his message is in sync and delivers on the vision of the organizers.
Coro normally travels from Miami, Florida
The sooner the better. Coro's calendar fills up pretty quickly, especially around Hispanic Heritage Month so it's a good idea to contact our team to ensure your dates are available.

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