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Diversity and inclusion matters today more than ever in America. Not only is the demographical landscape changing, corporate America is starting to wake up to the fact that there is compelling evidence that diversity and inclusion is just a good idea for business. When it comes to diversity, itโ€™s important to embrace inherent as well as acquired diversity in order for an organization to succeed.

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Popular Diversity & Inclusion Keynotes

Flight to Freedom: Escaping High Tech Havana, a motivational speech

Play This is a riveting, motivational and humorous story of how Ariel, unbeknownst to the Cuban Government, devised one of the first illegal satellite dishes to bring forbidden television channels such as CNN and HBO from the outside world to his friends and neighbors when he was only fifteen years old. He built the dish…

Why diversity is the key to innovation

Play Why a speech or workshop about diverse innovators and creativity? Itโ€™s important to reflect on our past roots to appreciate the present and embrace our future. Diversity and creativity, combined with execution, are the most powerful forces in any enterprise and if you look around carefully, itโ€™s everywhere. There are many misconceptions around innovations,…

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Here are some facts about why embracing diversity and inclusion is a good idea

  • Companies with greater racial and gender diversity have a larger customer base, more sales revenue and their market values are higher.
  • Diversity propels innovation and companies that embrace the different types of diversity are the ones that outperform their competitors.
  • Having a diverse workforce has a positive impact on hiring, job satisfaction and engagement of employees.
  • The future of the population requires a diverse workforce thatโ€™s in touch with the needs of the customer base.
  • A comprehensive organization-wide diversity and inclusion strategy is actually a profit center.
  • Diversity blindness could cause your organization to miss opportunities by not recognizing critical challenges facing diverse communities.

In his Keynote Speeches or Workshops, Coro walks the audience through incredible case studies in a variety of industries that break the barriers of conventional thinking about diversity and have propelled both individuals and organizations to unprecedented growth.

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Engaging Workshops

Keynotes are a great way to communicate your objectives to your audience but Coro also enjoys the interaction and personal touch of workshops and breakouts sessions. Here are some topics which Coro can customize for your audience and deliver a breakout your attendees will remember for a long time after your event. If you don’t see the exact topic you are looking for in this list, don’t worry, we can customize the session to fit your needs.

Coroโ€™s workshops usually run from 4 to 8 hours and are hands-on, interactive and a lot of fun. Coroโ€™s exercises are collaborative, entertaining and a great way to make teams gel and create together. Participants are challenged to innovate and break out of their daily routines in order to immerse themselves into a unique, fast-paced and engaging experience. All of our workshops are customized to each company or organization and are aligned with the objectives for your event.

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