El Salto

I can’t imagine how we (all those who resist technology) could understand the complex and so very necessary medium, without the help of El Salto and the ingenious and comprehensive language of Ariel Coro.
-María Antonieta Collins‬, TV personality, bestselling author

Aprovecha las nuevas tecnologías y alcanza tu potencial (Leverage the latest technologies to reach your potential)

From Ariel Coro, the leading tech expert for the Hispanic community, a book that helps readers take the leap into a greater understanding of emerging technology and stake out their place in modern society. (The Leap)

We live in a time of great technological advancements, with changes and breakthroughs happening faster than ever before. To survive in this new world, it is imperative that we adapt and develop the capacity to understand these advances as they happen. In the US, new technologies are being developed so rapidly that it can become difficult to keep up and learn how you can use these breakthroughs to your greatest advantage. For Spanish-speaking immigrants, staying on top of these emerging technologies is of vital importance as they settle into a new country and attempt to achieve greater level of success. El Salto‚ literally, “The Leap” aims to help readers do just that: take the personal and professional leap into the new and exciting technologies that will help them build a better life and reach their greatest potential.

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‪More praise for El Salto

“Ariel Coro puts into our hands a powerful tool capable of defining the success or failure in our lives facing the challenges imposed by technology today.”
-Raul Peimbert, 7 time Emmy Award winning News Anchor

“Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or if you have lots of experience, El Salto will have a major impact on the way to take advantage of the technologies that surround you.”
-Maria Marin, motivator, radio personality and author of “Pide más, espera más y obtendrás más

“There is a high cost to ignoring technology. Ariel cautions teaches us how to use it to provide us with economic value in simple, enjoyable and fun language.”
-Xavier Serbia, author of “La riqueza en cuatro pisos

“I’ve never met anyone who, like Ariel Coro, can explain and communicate the necessary information so that everyone, even those who know little of technology rather than how to turn the computer or listen to messages on the phone, make the most of the tools that are available to achieve our personal and economic goals. Most importantly, as he knows inspire anyone to grow technologically.”
Pilar Marrero, journalist, La Opinion

“We are living in a world where technology is going to divide the winners and the losers. Ariel Coro has written a book with clear examples, techniques and resources to achieve success. Not reading this book can be costly”
-Dr. Joachim de Posada – Author of the international best seller “Don’t eat the marshmallow…yet

“The price of being outdated is higher than ever. Coro shows us how to succeed with our own efforts and the help of technology”
-Rosana Ubanell, Managing Editor at Nexos magazine and author of the best-seller Volver a morir.

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[…] Coro is the Technology Expert for the Hispanic community and author of the new book, El Salto – aprovecha las nuevas tecnologías y alcanza tu potencial (The leap – leverage new […]

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