El Salto Featured in American Airlines’ Nexos Magazine

A close up of a book in a person's hand

Ariel Coro’s new book “El Salto” was featured in the popular international in-flight magazine, American Airlines Nexos, in the April/May edition with a glowing recommendation.

Nexos, is an award-winning magazine in design and editorial content, led by an internationally award-winning editor and staff. Published six times a year and available to 8.9 million passengers, Nexos, is the American Airlines in-flight magazine dedicated to Spanish and Portuguese speaking Latin American travelers.

“There are thousands of books in the self-help and improvement genre. However, so many options leave a lot to be desired. We recommend these books because they are practical and well written, ” says the editorial staff of Nexos.

A good read for the connected traveler and beyond, Coro’s book encourages the Hispanic community to adopt the latest technological tools to get ahead, be it personally or professionally.

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