Flipboard Latino launches Ariel Coro’s magazine



Flipboard, the most popular mobile personal magazine app is taking a major step to enter the Hispanic market with the launch of Flipboard Latino, the U.S. Latino Content Guide. As part of this initiative, they are launching a magazine titled “Digital Mente” with Ariel Coro, the top Hispanic tech expert, where he will share articles, insights and useful information for Latinos in both Spanish and English.

“This will be great resource for Latinos, which over-index in their usage of mobile phones and will now have instant access to carefully curated and culturally relevant information that can be leveraged to succeed and achieve at new levels”, said Coro.

Coro joins an all star celebrity lineup with their own Flipboard magazines such as: Chef Pepín, America’s most beloved Hispanic Chef and media personalities such as Ismael Cala from CNN en Español and Leon Krauze from Univision.

Flipboard has also made the news with the launch of magazines for popular shows such as Meet the Press, Erin Burnett’s Outfront and publishing giants such as The Huffington Post, Time Magazine, People, Fortune, InStyle and celebrity magazines with the likes of, Anthony Bourdain.

The Flipboard App allows users to personalize their own magazines by compiling content such as news, videos, photos and stories from multiple sources such as social media, favorite publications, other magazines and categories of interest. The Flipboard App is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play as a free download.

Coro is the top tech expert for Hispanics in the US with an extensive media platform reaching millions of households each week, through national TV, Radio, Print, Web and now, a social magazine presence on Flipboard. Thanks to his work and educational outreach initiatives, technology is no longer a barrier for millions of Latinos. Coro is also the author of “El Salto – aprovecha las nuevas tecnologías y alcanza tu potencial” published by Random House Vintage.

To read and follow Ariel’s new Flipboard Magazine you can go to http://flip.it/arielcoro

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