For the Tech and Coquette – Best Beauty Gadgets on CNN en Español

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We recently visited Café CNN in Atlanta where we showcased some of the latest beauty gadgets in the market, an ideal segment for the “technological ” as journalist Alejandra Oraa commented, who also mentioned that in her own experience beauty is “painful and difficult,” a comment many can agree with.

These gadgets are perfect for today’s tech savvy women who like to take good care of themselves, but don’t have enough time to go to a spa or prefer cosmetic treatments in the comfort of home. Going to a salon or a spa can get expensive quickly, while these gadgets aren’t cheap either, in the long term they are actually much less expensive than any cosmetic treatment. Besides, they can be quite practical, allowing you the flexibility to work on your complexion while you watch TV or work from home.

The first gadget, the Nuface Trinity, is a product that uses micro-electricity to tone facial tissue which results in firmer skin, with fewer wrinkles, as this device acts directly on the muscles of your face. You can also change the tip to treat with a laser the smallest and most difficult wrinkles. It can be very useful for those who are fighting against those pesky fine lines that appear over time and plague us all.
The next device we showed is the Bliss Lean Machine, a fairly compact system that functions as a vacuum cleaner that “absorbs” the skin and stimulates blood circulation. The result: the appearance of less cellulite, a problem that plagues over 90% of women and over 10% of men.

The Riiviva Microderm, is a device with a diamond tip that because of its derma-abrasive effects, removes dead skin cells. By removing the top layer of dirty and dull skin, it exposes much brighter, soft and luminous skin.
Another cool product we showed is the Hair Max LaserComb, a laser phototherapy device used to treat hair loss and stimulate the growth of new hair, 93% of participants in their clinical study showed significant hair growth.

And finally, an ideal gadget for those with acne, the Tanda, uses ultraviolet light to kill microbes and bacteria while heating the skin to open the pores, the Tanda Luxe uses red light technology to boost collagen production and reduce the appearance of fine lines.
Technology and beauty can definitely go hand in hand. If you’ve tried these or any other new beauty gadgets, share your experience or ideas with us.

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