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Summer break is here, school is off and kids are staying home all day, and sometimes it´s difficult to entertain them, while also keeping them active.

Ariel Coro, the most influential technology expert for Latinos, shares some of the latest toys and gadgets for this season during his segment in Despierta America. These gadgets will help parents keep their kids both entertained and active during this summer.

Coro starts by demonstrating the well-known and very popular latest Nerf darts and water guns. These toys are safe and easy to handle. They also provide interactive entertainment and promote exercise, which is always important for children´s health, especially nowadays.

Then Coro shows Gecko by Oregon Scientific, a digital camera that allows users to take quality pictures and video. Gecko is small in size, but big in versatility and enjoyment. It has interchangeable covers and a waterproof case that allows users to take pictures while at the pool or at the beach.

The next gadget was the Razor GFD Fury, a battery operated kart designed for drifting that features a unique spark bar that leaves a shower of sparks in its wake, increasing the excitement of the driver. It has a powerful speed of 12 mph and the battery runs for up to 40 minutes of continuous use. Viewers could also get a glimpse of the Maverix, a battery-operated skateboard with remote control.

So now you know, you can entertain your kids and their friends with the latest gadgets on the market and have a peaceful summer vacation, while preparing for the expected and often dreaded, back to school date.

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