The Steve Jobs Dilemma: To innovate or to copy and Improve?

The Steve Jobs Dilemma: To innovate or to copy and Improve? - A close up of a cell phone - Design

The success of every business is ultimately tied to their capacity to innovate and adapt to the times. You only have to sit and contemplate the amount of companies that have not been able to adapt, once marketplace leaders, seemingly invincible, such as BlackBerry, Kodak, Polaroid, Atari, Commodore, amongst others, that revolutionized their respective industries and later forgot to innovate. How could this be possible?

Innovating is not simple and doing so continuously even more so. These companies show us that long term success is not only dependent on a product but on the capacity to continually reinvent it and even invent other new products that do not even necessarily have anything to do with the original product or category. We are living in a technological world where one innovative product today hold the reigning title for only months, whereas before that trajectory could last years.

However, Apple did not invent the Smartphone, Google did not invent the search engine, Nest did not invent the home thermostat, iTunes did not invent internet music downloads, Facebook did not invent social networks, Tesla did not invent the electric car and SpaceX did not invent rockets.

In this speech Coro will present the tech resources that are available to all people and companies that want to stay ahead in their fields and concepts that propel innovation such as:

  • Which are the top three mortal enemies of innovation?
  • What types of people should be within the team?
  • How to use technology to fail quickly and test variables?
  • What strategies and methodologies do successful companies use in the field of innovation?

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