Ismael Cala invites Coro to comment on Cyber Security and recommends El Salto

Ismael Cala wearing a suit and tie - Journalist

Edward Snowden was the cause of international turmoil and controversy when he revealed the secret surveillance programs conducted by NSA. This 30 year-old man took over international headlines when he revealed that the NSA tracked and spied on the communications of Americans. Ismael Cala recently dedicated an entire show to discuss the controversy.

The invited guests were the prestigious journalist and political analyst for CNN, Carlos Alberto Montaner, Civil Rights Lawyer John de Leon and Ariel Coro as a tech and cyber security expert.

Coro commented on the impact and implications of the Snowden’s revelations to the public at large that don’t necessarily understand all the technical jargon. The issue remains highly controversial and all the information is still unknown. As technology progresses, it becomes more technically difficult to keep your privacy on the web.

Coro explained the the meaning of meta-data in a language that’s easy to understand; since there has been a lot of confusion in the public about the implications and the difference between data and meta-data.

Coro also explained the difference between PRISM and XKeyscore, NSA’s spying programs to collect and access the actual contents of your web communications by just collecting your e-mail address. The NSA is collecting billions of pieces of information to have access to all of this information and Coro explained how the process works for the audience.

Cala also endorsed Ariel’s book, El Salto, and recommended it to his audience. Cala was enthusiastic about the information contained in the book and told the audience that the book will allow them to reach their potential by using technology.

“I’m honored to be invited to the program to explain the controversy to Hispanics in easy to understand analogies and language. I’m even more honored by Cala’s positive comments about El Salto. I think he captured the essence of the book’s mission to educate Latinos and his comments mean a great deal to me personally,” said Coro.

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