Commenting on the future of jobs, automation and robotics

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Ariel Coro, Technology expert and analyst was recently a special guest on NTN24โ€™s news program SCT Futuro where he commented on the possible future of technology and its effect on the workforce. He gave concise and clear examples of the evolutionary process of technology in the field of production and hinted at the fate of most people in the working class, that of being displaced by a machine. He also shared some examples and steps that could be taken to prevent such a devastating scenario, one of them being a change in government infrastructure, providing incentives for companies to hire people of flesh and bone, incentives to the buyers, all solutions that could be viable, however, they will only likely come about when we are in a state of true crisis as opposed to preventively.

Coro also revealed a world that leads to the inevitable loss of employees in industries due to the process of automation, the reduction of the number of available jobs and the future difficulty of ordinary people in finding suitable jobs, accentuating the difference between an ordinary person without much training on the technologies of today vs. someone with more skills and knowledge in the field. He also mentioned how wealth will concentrate on a few people or groups of people, citing the example of how Facebook bought WhatsApp for an exorbitant amount of money, unusual in that it does not provide a โ€œrealโ€ and tangible service.

He also touched upon the automation process and how despite that the purchase and installation of software and robots is still relatively expensive, major companies are making the investment because they see their ROI in the medium and long term such as, eliminating costs per employee, shortening the time of product delivery and the advantage of having the “employee” (which the robot replaces) always available and willing to work.

He also invited the audience to read his book “El Salto”, which helps readers understand technology and why it is important to be updated on it, how to survive in the connected world and how easy it is to educate oneself and others in the field, something many people erroneously see as daunting and difficult.

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