Latest gadget round-up on Despierta América

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I love my job. This past Friday, I visited Despierta América, Univision’s number one morning show to present more cool gadgets that I’ve been tinkering with lately.

Starting with the Ring, an intelligent doorbell that adds security and convenience to your home. Ring has a video camera, connects to your Wi-Fi network and is used through an app. When people ring your doorbell, you can see what’s happening on your phone, even if you are not at home. It has a microphone and a speaker so you can talk to your visitor or delivery person. The Ring also has pretty cool motion detection features and allows you to configure different zones so you are not constantly recording. You can also choose to record and store on the cloud with a reasonable plan of $3 a month, which is not bad.

The next gadget was the Canary, not the one from the coal mine but the one used to protect your house against burglars and intruders. The Canary is a self-contained security system that has an HD video camera and includes other useful functions such as motion detection, night vision and the ability to measure humidity and air quality. It connects to an app on your cell phone or tablet, to keep you abreast of what’s going on. My favorite feature is that it arms and disarms automatically when you leave or arrive back home. This is a big plus over other systems that you have to constantly and annoyingly, manually arm and disarm. In case of an alarm alert, you can use the app to choose to see what’s happening, call the police or simply ignore it. It costs $249, which is not terribly expensive.

My favorite gadget for this segment was the Makey Makey. This is simply the coolest invention and interaction gadget I’ve seen in a while. Basically, you can turn anything that’s a little conductive into a controller. Fruits, vegetables, objects, pencil drawings, etc. I like how playful it is and the way it gives permission to children and adults to play and interact in an educational way. I think it would help if it came with a more comprehensive list of initial projects, since the founders are from MIT, as they can’t assume that the people buying this cool invention are from there and tinker in the same way.

We also touched on the Green IQ, which is a smart irrigation controller for your garden and the Google on Hub, the coolest wireless gateway/router since the Apple airport many years ago.

Which was your favorite?

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