Flight to Freedom: Escaping High Tech Havana, a motivational speech

Flight to Freedom: Escaping High Tech Havana, a motivational speech - A red car parked on the side of the street - Havana

This is a riveting, motivational and humorous story of how Ariel, unbeknownst to the Cuban Government, devised one of the first illegal satellite dishes to bring forbidden television channels such as CNN and HBO from the outside world to his friends and neighbors when he was only fifteen years old. He built the dish using parts from an old soviet radio, mosquito nets, construction wire and several other improvised components. This evolved into expanding business of manufacturing satellite dishes, computers and even distributing some of the island’s first e-mail addresses to bypass the government censorship machine.

After a story equivalent to a tropical “Da Vinci Code” Ariel arrived to the states with little knowledge of the English language and a limited education but plenty of disposition for working hard and educating himself. His new found freedom offered Ariel the opportunity to learn and become a successful technology journalist and Hispanic TV personality.

Ariel uses his life story as a metaphor to demonstrate the power of problem solving in an environment where resources are not readily available and creativity and innovation must step in. His background and story bring a powerful contrast to our society, where all goods and services are at our demand.

In this motivational keynote your audience will discover:

  • How to adopt Ariel’s contagious enthusiasm about life and work so your audience becomes more productive
  • Be challenged to give up on excuses to accomplish more with what you have at your disposal
  • Learn about a perspective of the difficult life in other countries that will motivate them to succeed
  • Get great tips about innovation and creativity that will allow them to become resourceful
  • Learn about Ariel’s “Spring Effect” that will catapult them to career success no matter the circumstances
  • See how his positive influence will motivate your people to achieve like never before

Coro presents a compelling and motivational story about imagination and ingenuity under difficult circumstances. His experiences will help your audience learn how to adopt a “never give up” attitude, and to appreciate the resources at our disposal many take for granted.

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