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The summer is in full swing and one of the most popular activities is being outdoors surrounded by nature. On Despierta América this week we talked about cool outdoor gadgets for the eco-conscious outdoor lover.

We demonstrated the uber cool BioLite stove, a technology-packed efficient device that can charge your electronic gadgets and cook your breakfast. How does it work? It has a clever ventilation system that allows it to use small branches, twigs and even pine cones to burn energy efficiently. The heat created is used to power a fan that oxygenates the fire and generates electricity. Incredibly clever, compact and well manufactured with sturdy materials.

We also presented the Nokero Light Bulb, an efficient and affordable LED light in the shape of a bulb that has a solar charger and a rechargeable battery, so it can charge during the day and light up at night. These bulbs are cost efficient, light and perfect for campers.

The Steripen Freedom is a portable water sterilizer that can be charged using a USB cable. It uses ultraviolet light to make water potable or safe to drink. Bottled water manufacturers and cities use this technology on a large-scale across the world to kill 99.9 % of dangerous pathogens such as viruses and bacteria that can cause illness. With just a few seconds submerged in the water, the Steripen makes it safe to drink.

The Power Pot was one of our favorites. Just fill the pot with water and place it over a cooking fire and the pot uses the temperature difference between the fire and water to generate electricity. This way you can recharge any mobile device such as a GPS or mobile phone in just a couple of hours no matter how remote your wilderness location. Last but not least, we showed a simple system for water pasteurization that can be used for camping and the outdoors.

We love the outdoors and always look forward to producing these segments. If you have a cool product to pitch or any suggestions for future segments, let us know! In the meantime, enjoy the summer.

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