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Ariel Coro, the top tech expert for Hispanics participated on the Cala Show on CNN en Español. Ismael Cala has become the top interviewer for Hispanic audiences following in the footsteps of Larry King. The show was a success with a great deal of audience participation via social media.

The theme of the show was “Important Tech Trends for 2015 and Beyond” and how they are going to affect our lives, relationships, jobs and businesses. Coro talked about how important it is to learn to code, mentioning that the most important foreign language that we can learn in this day and age is programming.

Coro provided his vision for the new year based on the current technological advancements and talked about many topics, from wearable technology to the connected home, to how smartphones are becoming our command centers.

“It’s a true honor to have been invited to participate in this show. We need to lift the veil and show all of Latin America that economic development and technology advancements are at their reach and that we no longer need to ask for permission to innovate. The tools are there for the next big worldwide startup to come from one of our countries”. – said Coro

Coro also showcased the Polar 3D printer and some samples that were printed using the machine. 3D printing is a very big trend for the next few years and this industry is changing many things, from the way we develop new products to open source printed artificial limbs, 3D printed cars, food and even NASA has developed a 3D printed nozzle for one of their rockets. 3D housing is being tested as well, China recently 3D printed 10 houses in a day.

Coro also commented on the connected home and how a smart thermostat helped him lower his electric bill by just monitoring when people are actually in the house or not. There are many advancements that are already available in this area such as smart locks, lights and a central controller such as the Wink hub, that allows you to connect to most of your smart devices in one place.

In the second half of the show, Coro showed some cool gadgets like the Dash and Dot robots from Wonder Workshop the Kano computer kit that show kids the basics of programming and the inner workings of a simple modern computer. He also showed the Muse, a headband that has a series of sensors combined with an app that allows you to learn to concentrate and relax.

Coro looks forward to continue to educate Hispanic audiences in 2015 on the importance of adopting technology and how it can be leveraged to improve our lives.

[Coro is available for speaking engagements. Check his availability for your next event.]

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