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The Internet, social networks and smart phones are now a part of our daily lives but there are still people that are afraid or that don’t know the potential of these digital resources.

The Tecnifícate’s conference purpose is to help people conquer these fears. Tecnifícate is a free open seminar in Spanish that will be held this coming Saturday in the Los Angeles area.

“It’s purpose is to teach with beginners in mind but everyone can learn, even if you are intermediate and even advanced” stated technology expert Ariel Coro who is the founder of this initiative. This program is being presented in collaboration with the California Community Colleges Economic and Workforce development and College of the canyons.

Coro is a frequent collaborator for Univision and has appeared in CNN en Español, Telemundo and other media outlets.

The conference has an 800 people capacity and will be held this coming Saturday in the Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center at College of the Canyons.

26455 Rockwell Canyon Road.
From 11AM to 4PM
Doors open at 10:30AM
Admission is free

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