Tecnifícate Educational Tech Fairs

Ariel Coro, Hispanic Technology Expert and founder of Tu Tecnología and the California Community Colleges Economic u0026amp; Workforce Development Program joined forces to create Tecnifícate, an educational conference and workshop series focused on emphasizing the importance of technology in the personal and professional development of Latinos.

Tecnifícate is a free, one day event that invites the Hispanic community, for a day full of information on how to leverage technology to find jobs, protect your family online, grow your business and better your children’s education, among other important topics.We invite local business figures and celebrities to share their experiences on how they’ve leveraged technology to succeed with the captivated audience. Coro, a talented keynote speaker serves as a master of ceremonies and creates a personalized interactive speech for each conference.

This conference was designed to motivate and catapult Spanish-speaking Hispanics to embrace technology education to better both their  futures and that of their families. Business growth today, more than ever, is driven by the effective use and adoption of technology and 20% of adult Californians consider Spanish their primary language. These types of events, hosted in local community college settings, positively impacts the economy, both domestically and abroad, by helping people use the resources at their disposal to get not only a better education  but also better jobs.

We are working on launching Tecnificate nationally in the most important Hispanic regions in the United States. We have received incredibly positive feedback from audiences, local public figures and politicians, community colleges, press and sponsors alike.

Please watch the video below of our latest conference in California and all the enthusiasm and press coverage it garnered. Feel free to contact us if you want to coordinate a Tecnifícate conference or workshop in your college or if you would like to collaborate or sponsor one of our events.

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