You remember. You were a rebellious teenager and wanted to push the boundaries. It’s natural. Now you are a parent, have teenage kids and are trying to cope with the same behavior that your parents once had to deal with the big difference being that teens today are more connected than ever and there is a new secret language of sexting emojis they are speaking you may not necessarily understand. Welcome to the not so secret world of emojis.

When you were this age, CDs were a thing, maybe even cassette tapes and cell phones were something that were used strictly for work and of course, for emergencies. Its been 10 years since the iPhone was launched, revolutionizing mobile communications and making life more difficult than ever for parents. But that’s not all.

Texting became popular and the same way you used beeper codes to profess your 143 to your sweetheart, new phones have many more characters to choose from and as of late, they don’t even use characters anymore, because an emoji could be worth 1,000 words.

The thing with sexting emojis are that they look innocent enough but, like everything with teens, it could have a double meaning. New combinations are coming out all the time but if you think like a parent, you’ll detect the obvious patterns that come out of their teen minds. For example, any phallic symbol is exactly what it means, even innocent enough flowers might mean drugs. Add hands and you know the meaning of that as well but there are a few that I had to say… 🤔 what the heck?

Here is a compilation of some of the emojis that are used for sexting. If you see any of these, don’t necessarily be alarmed, but it’s a good idea to start monitoring their communications more closely, especially in the age of Instagram and Snapchat.

🔥 – You are hot

🐸 – You or someone is ugly

🔪 – Psycho

✂️️ – Cutting someone, Lesbian

👀 – Send naked pictures of you

🍆🍌🌶️🌽 🍼 💄 🚀 🌭 🏒 🏑 🏏 🕹️ 🗡️  – If it looks like a phallic symbol, it’s referring to a penis.

🍩 🍑 🍰 🐙 – Butt

🍒 – Boobs

🍓 – Vagina

📬 🎢 📩 – Sex

🍭 🌬️ – Oral Sex

👅 – Cunnilingus

📸 – Send me a naked picture

🌷 – Can mean a vagina or virginity

🎥 – Sex tape

🎞️ – Please send picture of private parts

🐪 – Having Sex

🛏️ – Do me in bed

🛋️ – Do me on the couch

🛌 – In bed waiting for you

🌡️ – I’m getting hot

🤗 – Touch my breasts

As you can imagine, you can combine these symbols and others to come up with phrases or words that make sense only when you use the teenage mindset and maturity level. The combinations are as endless as the imagination so when you see several lined up emojis with one of these included, you know they are up to no good. The meanings can be quite literal so you don’t have to think very hard.

Here are a few examples:

🍑  📞 – Booty Call

👐 🍒 – Second base – Touching breasts

🐦 🐝 💬 – Let’s talk about sex

👋 🍑 – Spank my butt

🍾 ☄️ – Orgasm

👉 👌 – Masturbation

✊ 🍌 – Masturbation

You’ll quickly realize that you don’t need a PhD from Stanford to become an expert emoji interpreter and with a little effort, you can understand the language your teenagers are speaking.

If you have any other emoji you’d like to suggest to complete this guide for parents, please share them below.