Telemedicine Apps to Check Coronavirus Status if feeling Sick

Coronavirus Apps

The world hasn’t seen a pandemic like the COVID-19 in many years. When the last pandemic of this magnitude hit, there were no smartphones and communications were definitely not this fast nor efficient. Experts are predicting that ERs are going to get congested with the onslaught of Coronavirus cases. 

The danger of going to the doctor if you have the virus is that you could potentially contaminate others. Thanks to the high-speed connections in our phones and the ubiquity of Wi-Fi connectivity, you can now have a virtual consultation with a doctor that will diagnose you remotely and let you know the steps to follow if you are feeling sick.

Amwell App Screenshot

In my tech segment on Despierta America, I mentioned two apps that you can use if you are feeling the symptoms of the Coronavirus. Here they are:

Regional Providers

Regional or local providers are very effective because you know they are located in your area and can respond to a problem locally if necessary. I recommend you check with your insurance or preferred hospital system to see if they have a telemedicine app available.

Baptist Health Care On Demand – This is an example of a Florida-based health system that provides their own telemedicine app. 

The Baptist Health Care on Demand App.
The Baptist Health Care on Demand App.

Baptist Health has updated their app with a new button on top that says Cold & Flu Care (Coronavirus Concerns). 

Free Coronavirus Consultation

Baptist Health is offering this service FREE of charge at the moment by using the coupon code CARE19, since we are dealing with a public health emergency. By selecting this choice, your symptoms will be evaluated by a doctor under guidance provided by the CDC, and the expert will provide you with the steps to take in case you need further care.

Download App in Apple Store
Download App on Google Play for Android phones

You can also use Baptist Health Care On Demand from anywhere within the United States. Just enter your current location (a mandatory question at the start of every online visit), and you get matched with a provider within your state. That way, they can prescribe any medication you may need since they’re licensed within that particular state.

National Providers

Amwell: A nationally established telemedicine app where you can see a doctor pretty quickly, pay cash per consult or select your insurance if they support it. You enter your information, insurance or payment method and you are talking live to a doctor in just a few minutes.

Download App in Apple Store
Download App on Google Play for Android phones

In the year 2020, unless it’s a life-threatening issue we shouldn’t be waiting in an ER to be diagnosed for the Flu or COVID-19. These and many other apps are providing a valuable service in limiting contact for the persons that may be infected thus controlling the spread of the virus.

Here is the video

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