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On Despierta América today we glazed upon some of the other popular social networks that don’t necessarily get all the hype that Twitter and Facebook command.

Despierta América’s Johnny Lozada, asked me why some people are afraid to try these new social networks. My response was simple, people are often afraid to try new things and the reality is that there are more choices now than there have ever been, which can be overwhelming.

We first talked about Instagram, the ever popular photo sharing app that was bought by Facebook. I did a quick demo of its use, took a picture of Johnny and showed how easy it was to use the different filters and share photos.  Then we went on to talk about Pinterest and some of the basic functionality behind the pin boards, how you can build boards for events or gather ideas in this network for creativity. Next was Vine, where we talked about the 6 second micro videos, the concept behind them and how easy it is to create your own. I created a live Vine during the segment for the audience and the other anchors of the show were eager to participate. Last but not least, we talked about the importance of LinkedIn. While it has now been around for a while, I still think that this is an important social network that needs to be more prominent among Latinos. I explained the importance of being connected, having a profile and how it basically becomes your résumé in this connected age.

It’s always fun to do my weekly tech and automotive segments with Despierta. Even though it’s challenging to keep it fresh, but my stellar producer Cosette Torres helps me stay on point and keeps me focused on what I love, which is an untold blessing.

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