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From top tech influencer to spokesperson, we have worked with organizations and brands of all sizes in a variety of B2C and B2B projects. Additionally, Coro has delivered numerous keynote speeches and conducted several workshops on technology and innovation-related topics where his trajectory as a tech guru combined with his fascinating life story are always a hit with the audience. Contact us if you have other projects in mind you think will be a fit for us or if you have any questions we can answer for you.
Ariel Coro visits Despierta America to present STEM games, apps and gadgets
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If you are looking to motivate and engage the audience for your next event, Coro is the perfect choice as a keynote speaker or workshop presenter. His presentations are engaging, instructive, motivational and charged with humor. Coro will customize his keynote or workshop every time to ensure your audience can identify with the issues thus increasing retention. Most importantly, they acquire tangible takeaways and crucial knowledge that will propel their productivity, creativity and innovation moving forward. See Coro’s Keynotes and Workshops.


By hiring Ariel as your spokesperson, you can leverage his credibility in the Hispanic market to your advantage. As your spokesperson, Coro will allow your brand to break through the media clutter and have the audience embrace what you are actually trying to communicate without being perceived as self-serving. Coro can help your organization maximize the ROI for it’s initiative and we have many happy clients to prove it. Coro’s clients range from Fortune 500 companies to tech startups and have worked on all kinds of initiatives, from product launches to educational initiatives. Contact our team to discuss how we can help
Coro commenting on new Flying Cars on Univision News - A screen shot of Ariel Coro - Ariel Coro
Coro features money-saving apps on Primer Impacto, Univision’s top rated News Magazine - Ariel Coro wearing glasses - Journalist


Influencer marketing is a hot topic at the moment. We’ve been doing it since before there was a name for it. Being one of the top tech influencers, we’ve had the privilege of working with major, regional and local brands in their influencer programs creating many happy clients and repeat business. We have the reach, experience and know-how to make these projects a success with a variety of media. These projects have ranged from creating original content with a tech focus from regular blogs to videos and social media campaigns. Contact us today to request more information about our availability and current engagements.


We can help with your content creation strategy and have the ability to generate and produce a wide array of high-quality and timely tech and automotive content. Our content is informative, young, entertaining and can also meet your communication goals. From social-ready fast-paced videos to customized articles, blog posts or series for long-form print and online publications ranging from topics such as a specific new product launch, offering or initiative.Β Learn more about our content creation capabilities.

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Coro combines his management and marketing acumen with his broad understanding of tech to create solutions and make decisions that are extremely beneficial for clients. He was a growth hacker before the term was even coined and has a knack for turning around failing projects or businesses. Coro consults with organizations in a wide variety of sectors and is available for consulting projects. Learn more about our consulting capabilities.



Thank you for considering to work with Tech Influencer Ariel Coro. We have grouped some of the most common services that are requested by clients, agencies and meeting professionals. If you don’t see an exact fit, don’t worry, reach out to our team and we’ll put together a custom proposal for your consideration.

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