Expert Commentary

Coro is the most recognized Hispanic bilingual technology expert. With extensive experience national, international and local media, Coro provides an objective, yet fresh expert commentary on current events.


If you want to add some fun tech segments to your show, you should consider inviting Coro to your show. We can produce some of the coolest, wackiest and fun tech segments that your audience will enjoy. Coro has access to thousands of companies that will send us the most incredible gadgets imaginable that make people laugh, wonder and be amazed. Contacts us, let’s discuss some ideas and we’ll go from there.


If you are a  journalist on a tight deadline, we can facilitate relevant tech commentary via high-quality Skype, pre-taped video in HD from our studio delivered effortlessly in under an hour. We can send you Coro’s commentary electronically encoded with your specifications but our most requested format is a quicktime file.

Since we have our own production facilities where we can record live to tape and send SD or HD video or radio interviews expedited on-demand and to meet your deadline. We can facilitate interviews and commentary for producers and journalists that offer your audience the necessary perspective you are looking for in your stories with a lightning fast turnaround.

Contact us if you need commentary on any current technology subjects. (Please make sure to include your deadline.)