Finding the right spokesperson can be an arduous task. You need the right mix of personality, popularity and poise for this person to really represent your brand. This person also needs to have the credibility in the marketplace to not only speak for your brand but also to represent you our your brand or client in the best possible light.

Coro has the personality for the job but also brings a great deal more to the table. By hiring Ariel as your brand spokesperson, you can leverage his credibility with the Hispanic public to your advantage. As your brand ambassador, Coro will carefully study your initiative to allow it to break through the media clutter and have the audience embrace what you are actually trying to communicate without being perceived as self-serving.

Coro can help your organization maximize the ROI for its initiative and we have many happy clients to prove it. Coro’s clients range from Fortune 500 companies to tech start-ups and have worked in a variety of projects, from product launches to educational initiatives.

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