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Commenting on IBM’s 5 Predictions for the Next 5 Years

Commenting on IBM’s 5 Predictions for the Next 5 Years

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Ariel Coro, technology expert for Univision and CNN en Español, commented on Maria Elvira Live about IBM’s latest five predictions for the next five years, which will revolutionize various aspects of civilization, like Education, Health, Business, Cyber Security and Urban Living. The five predictions are part of IBM’s “Five to Five”, five innovations that will revolutionize society within the next five years, which researchers at IBM have been exploring. These 5 trends are possible thanks to cloud computing, big data analytics and learning technologies, which all come together to resemble cognitive learning systems.

The 5 new technologies the future holds are:

The classroom will learn about its students

What will the classroom of the future be like? What if it could learn about each individual student? Coro commented that the fast digitization of schools and higher education institutions will allow the instrumentation of the learning process and, over the course of a student’s education, the classroom could help him or her master skills that match his or her goals. Cognitive computing will help teachers figure out everything we can about how each student learns, and it can also create individualized plans for each student.

Buying local will beat online shopping

In the future, according to Coro, stores will increase levels of engagement and make the shopping experience more personalized. This will combine the feeling of physical shopping with the online shopping experience, and it will facilitate same-day delivery.

Doctors will use your DNA to keep you healthy

Did you know full DNA testing could help make personalized treatment decisions? Even though this diagnosis tool is still not fully implemented today, cognitive systems and cloud computing will make this form of treatment common in the future. The diagnosis & treatment will be done faster, and for cheaper, said Coro. These new tools might lead to a revolution in the Health Sciences, along with that of 3D organ printing.

A digital guardian will protect you online

Cyber security is evolving, declared Coro; from the use of passwords, to biometric recognition systems. Still, guardian software will protect you, because it will be trained to protect an individual’s data, even applications and devices. It will be able to make inferences or deductions about what your normal activity is or isn’t, and it can recognize deviations from behaviors that could be indicators of fraud and stolen identity.

The city will help you live it

Smartphones, said Coro, will be able to provide citizens a digital key to the city thanks to modern cognitive systems. Can you imagine, having immediate access to updates on everything that’s happening around you? Well, these systems will match these experiences with your profile and will tell you if it’s right for you, and even how to get there. And because these learning systems will interact directly with citizens, they will know their personal preferences and will offer options that might not be obvious or easily available. Their proposal for the future is not a far-fetched idea nowadays. That’s why IBM’s technology experts assure us that everything will have the ability to learn. They have confirmed this is a new era, where machines will learn, “think” and engage with humans, and mostly in a personal way. This is a new era in computing that will lead to discoveries and inventions, which will amplify our innate abilities, aid us in making decisions, protect us and help us explore civilization in amazing new ways. So, will IBM’s 5 to 5 predict the future? Will this all come true in the next five years? Only the future knows. Let’s just hope society changes for the better.

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