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Tech & Innovation Expert, Media Personality, Author & Keynote Speaker

Ariel Coro is the most trusted Tech Expert for Hispanics and the pioneer that introduced Tech content to Spanish-language TV in the United States. Reaching millions of households every week ; thanks to his work, technology is no longer a barrier to a better life for millions of Latinos.

Coro’s passion for education and clear vision of the future has helped ordinary people embrace technology and capitalize on its limitless benefits. Coro is widely recognized as an tech & innovation expert and is a highly sought after keynote speaker.

Ariel Coro, Tech Expert, Hispanic Media Personality

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Media Personality

Coro is the on-air tech expert for Despierta América, the No. 1 morning show with more viewers than the combined viewing audiences of  “ABC’s Good Morning America,” “CBS This Morning” and NBC’s “Today Show.” . Coro is also a regular contributor and commentator CNN en Español and Univision Network News he has also appeared in some of the most renown shows on Spanish Language TV.

His commentary about technology and his entertaining writing style was always well received by readers due to his ability to synthesize complex concepts and teach people in a manner that they can understand and enjoy.

Coro has a strong nationwide Radio Presence with segments in shows covering all major markets.

Keynote Speaker and Educator

As a Technology Expert, Coro is is frequently invited as a keynote speaker national and international events because his speeches and workshops are full of practical advice that audiences remember long after his presentation

His virtual and in-person keynote speeches are engaging, dynamic and delivered in his own unique style peppered with humor and powerful insights.

He is the founder and idea architect behind the successful Tecnifícate educational conference series where Spanish-speaking audiences learned about how to leverage the latest technologies to succeed. In addition, he He is also one of the first technology bloggers en Español and the founder of Tu Tecnologia, a thriving online community where Latinos get their questions answered in a variety of technology-related subjects.

El Salto - Tech Motivational Book by Ariel Coro's Cover


Coro is the author of the book “El Salto, aprovecha las nuevas tecnologías y alcanza tu potencial” published by Random House. The book has a fresh new approach to technology education; Ariel calls it a “Why To” instead of a “How To” book by showing the reader the importance of getting and staying up to speed with technology and why it is so important to have this valuable skill set to succeed in today’s connected world.

His adventures with Technology

Coro’s life story demonstrates the power of ingenuity especially when one’s resources are limited. Born in Havana, Cuba, Coro enjoyed learning about technology and electronics from an early age. At 15, he assembled one of the first homemade satellite dishes in the country, made from parts of an old Soviet radio such as a coffee can, a mosquito net and available electronic components. He used the dish to watch television channels that were forbidden and meant only for the island’s tourists and élite government officials. This newly found access to information transformed his life because it opened a window for him to the otherwise closed outside world. He then ventured into the world of technology and was among the first people on the island to have access to e-mail and personal computers. This eventually led him to flee the island at age 18.

When he arrived to the U.S., he had limited formal education and was barely able to speak English but, that didn’t stop him. Freedom offered Coro the opportunity to build a career with his self-taught technology and communication skills. He started a technology consulting business, which led him to work for Check Point Software and The Space Telescope Science Institute where the Hubble Space Telescope is managed. In 2004, he arrived at Cisco Systems in California, where he consulted for major clients and presented at key events and executive briefings on their behalf.

Coro’s continued educational mission is to empower Latinos to embrace technology and firmly believes that the adoption and successful application of this skill set will propel the Hispanic community to success.

Keynote Speaker and Educator

Coro’s 5Es

Coro developed the 5Es as part of his work with the Hispanic Community. They are his core principles that aim to  to provide the Hispanic community with a framework for success in the currently technologically-laden business environment.

Coro's 5 Es

Coro believes in education’s transformational power for the Hispanic Community and that technology education needs to be front and center. If we are going to prepare ourselves and the next generation for the future, only through a systematic understanding of technology, we’ll be able to make the best out of every given opportunity to adapt and thrive in a rapidly digitized world. With the relevant skill sets, information and confidence, people can achieve goals that were once a distant reality.


Coro believes in empowering the Hispanic community in ending technological helplessness by closing the mental divide once and for all. This is not the digital divide that everyone talks about, this is the helplessness that many Hispanic families experience because they think they can’t embrace technology, can’t learn new things or that they can succeed in the new digitally connected world.


Community forms a big part of Coro’s work and throughout his community involvement in many initiatives he’s learned that you need to be hands on. You need to engage the community where they are and help them move towards a successful future by motivating them and helping them address their concerns.


Ultimately, learning about how to apply technology in their daily lives should come to fruition through employment or business ownership. Every person who has attended Coro’s events is convinced that there are endless opportunities that can be leveraged to succeed.


Practice, practice, practice. Only by being the best and committing to learning, we are going to triumph. Coro understands the amazing potential in everyone and has seen many success stories of people that have made their dreams come true. He comes from humble beginnings and has achieved many of his goals, now it’s the time to give back and inspire others in discovering the very best versions of themselves and learning how technology can FastTrack the way there.

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