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Coro on Despierta America – Useful Apps for Protecting yourself and your home

Millions of apps on app stores can be overwhelming. I shared useful apps on Despierta America: Dashlane, Mobicip, Clarity Money, and Manything.

Coro on Despierta America – Useful Apps for Protecting yourself and your home

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More choice isn’t always better. With millions of apps on the app stores, it becomes daunting to find the ones that are useful. This week, I visited Despierta America on Univision and shared some of the Apps that I found useful to protect yourself and your home.

Protecting you identity

Between e-mail, social networks, financial institutions, utilities, shopping sites and many other sites, it’s a challenge to remember all our passwords. That’s when we fall for one of the biggest mistakes we can make. Password reuse. Dashlane is an app designed to remember complex passwords so you don’t have to. You can install it in your computer, phone and tablets and it shows up almost magically when you need it to fill in the password fields for websites you are visiting. This is especially useful since it can also help you generate strong passwords when you are signing up to the different sites.

Protecting your kids

Knowing what your kids are doing online it’s another challenge that I get many questions about. They are savvier with phones and computers but they can get into trouble just as easily. Mobicip is a set of parental control tools to monitor what your kids are doing to make sure they are staying out of trouble. There are two apps, one that gets installed on their phone or tablet and another piece that you can have on your phone. The monitoring app will report on the sites they are visiting and block the inappropriate ones, it will also monitor the apps that they are using and downloading. All of this can also be managed on a dashboard online where you can login and see everything going on your kids phone or computer.

Protecting your financial security

Nowadays, the number of financial accounts per person is skyrocketing. It’s hard to keep track of it all since each financial institution has their own website, app and they don’t talk to each other very well. Using Clarity Money, you can get the whole picture of what’s happening with your money in one place. You only need to add all your account logins and the app will aggregate all the transactions and balances in one place. That way you can clearly see what you have, what you owe and where is your money going. The app also monitors subscriptions and allows you to unsubscribe easily from the app.

Protecting your home

Having a home security system can be a hassle. Between installing the cameras, running the cables and getting a DVR setup it can also become an expensive proposition. Manything is an app that its name is short for Monitor anything with a camera that is. If you have old phones or tablets, you can configure them as security cameras that you can monitor centrally with this app wherever you are. This is cool because burglars are expecting to see cameras mounted on the ceiling but they might just ignore an old phone that’s just sitting there. The only thing you need to make sure is that the devices you are using to monitor are kept connected to their power supplies, if not, they might run out of battery when you need them the most.

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