Life Hacks for your Gadgets on Despierta América

Ariel Coro shares simple and clever life hacks on Univision’s morning show, including using binder clips to support your keyboard and organize cables.

Life Hacks for your Gadgets on Despierta América

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Life Hacks, as defined by Coro, are simple solutions you can do at home to solve those problems that drive you crazy. Having found simple yet clever solutions, and using items you would usually throw in the trashcan, he’s even developed a trick for keeping your keyboard supported, with binder clips!

You know how your keyboard’s retractable legs are important to keep you from making all types of typos, right? But what if they break? Well, Coro has found the perfect solution. All it takes is two binder clips and very basic assembling skills.

After getting the binder clips, you insert them in the place where the retractable legs are supposed to go, and voilà! Your keyboard is balanced and leveled again.

And, if your cables are all over the place, do not despair! Coro is here to save the day again! Using the same binder clips, you can easily solve this annoying problem. You only need as many binder clips as you have cables laying around on your floor. But don’t worry, this is totally doable.

First, you attach the clips to the table. Then, pass your cables through the binder clip’s metal handle. And, there you go! Your cables won’t be all over the floor anymore.

But wait, there’s more. There are more impressive life hacks brought to us by Ariel Coro on Univision’s morning show. Did you know you could make your own sound amplifier for your iPhone which is a lot like the appliance we call a “dock” or docking station?

Just find an empty toilet paper roll, a marker, four push pins, and scissors (you’ll find these accessories somewhere in your office or house drawers). First, you take the toilet paper roll and place the iPhone on top, so you can outline the rectangular shape of your device on the roll, and cut through it with the scissors right after. Then, you use the four push pins to stabilize the do-it-yourself docking device.

You can even use the old paper rolls laying around your house to place your messy cables in them! Just cut the paper rolls in equal parts; then fold your cables, and put them in. This saves you space, money and a trip to the gadget store.

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