El Salto
El Salto

Random House Vintage Español publishes El Salto by Ariel Coro

Ariel Coro's book "El Salto" is the first motivational book on technology written for a Spanish-speaking audience, published by Random House Vintage Español.

Random House Vintage Español publishes El Salto by Ariel Coro

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The first motivational book on technology written for a Spanish Speaking audience

Miami, FL, February 7, 2012: Hispanics could pay a very steep price for not leveraging the latest technologies. In El salto, Ariel Coro shows us that we don’t have to work harder, only smarter, with technology on our side.

“I can’t even imagine how all of us technophobes could begin to wrap our heads around this complex, yet essential new medium without the help of El Salto, and the brilliant and easy-to-comprehend writing of Ariel Coro.”—María Antonieta Collins

In his first book, through skillful narrative, fascinating case studies, and resources throughout, Coro opens up a whole new dynamic, interconnected world. Technology is changing our lives and the world around us at an almost incomprehensibly fast rate. In order to be successful, it is imperative that we understand how to use these new tools. “The cost of being left behind is higher than ever,” Coro asserts. El salto, offers the perspective we’ll need to get ahead delivered in an easy-to-read, motivational and entertaining tone.

  • Find employment using the latest technologies, and work virtually from anywhere.
  • Save money on appliances, family vacations and even at the grocery store.
  • Protect our families from digital predators.
  • Obtain financing for your small business without ever setting foot in a bank.
  • Use mobile technologies accept payments, make purchases, socialize, and much more.

El salto is a survival guide for our digital times, it shows Hispanics how to reap the benefits from the latest technologies and get on the road to success.ISBN: 978-0-307-94741-3 | 240 pages | $14.95 | Trade paper or ePubVintage EspañolA division of Random House, Inc.If f you’d like to interview the author in person, through Skype, telephone or live to tape, contact us.

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