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We are launching tutient, a digital marketing consulting company

Ariel Coro and Cosette Torres have launched tutient digital advisors, a Miami-based digital marketing consulting firm focusing on digital consulting and development, SEO, lead generation optimization, paid search and social advertising, content creation, reputation management, artificial intelligence, and automation. Tutient takes an individualized and personal approach to every client.

We are launching tutient, a digital marketing consulting company

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Miami, FL – Ariel Coro, tech expert and media personality and his partner Cosette Torres are announcing the launch of tutient digital advisors, a Miami-based digital marketing consulting firm dedicated to helping businesses with their online marketing. tutient was born out of Coro and Torres’ consulting practice.“It was time for our consulting practice to live on its own.” – said Coro. “We’ve been challenged by many organizations from different industries and we continue to grow exponentially.”

What makes tutient different?

“We think that our knowledge and application of the latest tech trends and attention to the forgotten and often tedious details in digital marketing differentiate us. We’ve seen companies simply build a website and mistakenly think they are done. We see it as a property that is very much alive and that needs to be maintained in order for it to stay current, produce, sell and convert visitors into buyers, generate leads, etc.” – said Torres.tutient has made strides in the publishing, financial and automotive industries with a solid roster of clients that have propelled our practice forward. Until now, our business has been 100% referral driven, which speaks to the quality of the services we have and continue to render to our valued client partners.tutient focuses on eight core practice areas where we’ve seen significant market growth:

  • Digital Consulting and Development - where we work with businesses to get their web presence in top shape. We’ve managed development teams of all sizes and guided them successfully into achieving our customer’s strategic objectives.
  • Search Engine Optimization Strategy and Implementation - we help organizations rank for industry-relevant keywords and receive organic traffic from search engines. We have worked at global, national and local levels producing exceptional search results for our clients.
  • Lead Generation Optimization - we help business owners so their website can produce measurable business leads instead of just simply sitting there.
  • Paid Search and Social Advertising - we help business owners advertise on search and social networks to target and reach the perfect audience for their products or services.
  • Content Creation - one of the pillars of our business where we use original, bilingual and optimized content to propel all other practice areas of the business.
  • Reputation Management - has become a key area since both individual and business reputation has never been more at risk with cyberattacks and hackers. We’ve helped our clients to rank above bad news and managed community reputation efforts to ensure businesses are perceived as responsive on some of the most important review platforms.
  • Artificial Intelligence - We’ve incorporated artificial intelligence into many of our initiatives and we are helping our clients leverage this burgeoning technology into many of their efforts.
  • Automation - not only from a marketing standpoint but also for conversational interfaces such as chat bots that are creating a new era in conversational interfaces and the ability to personalize sales like never before.

tutient has been the fruit of our efforts and dedication for many years of the continued and meticulous study of the latest technologies and trends and how to leverage them for the success of our customers.tutient is not a cookie cutter service provider, we believe that the challenges for every business are unique, that’s why we take an individualized and personal approach to every client. Challenge us with your marketing problems and let us find the tutient solutions.

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