Innovating with an accent: Why Diversity is the key to innovation

Diverse People with Light Bulbs representing innovation

This is a speech about innovation, creativity and why people of diverse backgrounds and cultures can create the perfect mix for an explosion of creativity and innovation within your organization.

You’ve heard an accent before, it immediately tells you somebody is not from where you’re from. But, what are accents anyways?  When you learn a language as a child, you just have trouble pronouncing sounds that simply didn’t exist in your native language, but it also happens to people from different regions within the same country that just say the exact words differently.

In this keynote, Coro shows us how our culture, our values, our personality traits, and everything that defines us as an individual are assets that are invaluable to the innovation process and how to leverage them to succeed. Coro also uses insightful and humorous real-life examples as a Cuban Immigrant that your audience will identify with while weaving in case studies and engaging audience exercises where people participate and showcase their creativity in a fun way.

Diversity, Inclusion… Innovation?

Diverse teams bring a variety of perspectives that collide in the struggle to find great ideas. These creative collisions are the cradle to innovation that ultimately succeeds in the marketplace by expanding market awareness and discovering unmet market needs. This doesn’t just apply to products, it’s also incredibly valuable to help promote a culture of inclusivity that creates happier employees, customers, and stakeholders alike. Diverse and inclusive cultures provide companies with a competitive edge over their peers.

On behalf of Bancorp and Hola, I wanted to thank you for participating in yesterday’s event. I received great feedback after the presentation- mostly from individuals who were attending an ERG meeting for the first time. I think the lessons about diversity and innovation were effective because they were naturally woven into your story and the specific examples you cited.

We appreciate you sharing your experiences with us and helping to educate our organization on the Latino culture!
Jessica M. – The Bancorp

In this keynote speech, Ariel Coro, a Hispanic tech innovator engages your audience to learn about:

  • Real life examples of organizations that have used diversity to triumph in the marketplace
  • Decisions and attitudes that promote or squash innovation
  • How EVERYONE can become more innovative
  • How to boost your creativity by changing the way you think about problems
  • Audience quizzes that are fun and engaging and promote the acceptance of diverse perspectives that promote innovation
  • Simple tips on how to make the workplace more inclusive and open to diverse ideas

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