The first motivational book on technology written for a Spanish Speaking audience

Hispanics could pay a very steep price for not leveraging the latest technologies. In El Salto, Ariel Coro shows us that we don’t have to work harder, only smarter, with technology on our side.

  • Find employment using the latest technologies, and work virtually from anywhere.
  • Save money on appliances, family vacations and even at the grocery store.
  • Protect our families from digital predators.
  • Obtain financing for your small business without ever setting foot in a bank.
  • Use mobile technologies accept payments, make purchases, socialize, and much more.

El Salto is a survival guide for our digital times, it shows Hispanics how to reap the benefits from the latest technologies and get on the road to success.

ISBN: 978-0-307-94741-3 | 240 pages | $14.95 | Trade paper or ePub

Vintage Español, a division of Random House, Inc.

MA Collins

“I can’t even imagine how all of us technophobes could begin to wrap our heads around this complex, yet essential new medium without the help of El Salto, and the brilliant and easy-to-comprehend writing of Ariel Coro.”

María Antonieta Collins

El Salto in the News

Ismael Cala invites Coro to comment on Cyber Security and recommends El Salto

Edward Snowden was the cause of international turmoil and controversy when he revealed the secret surveillance programs conducted by NSA. This 30 year-old man took over international headlines when he…

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Miami Book Fair International Welcomes Ariel Coro, Author of Best-Selling Book, El Salto

Miami, FL – October 3, 2012 – Ariel Coro, the leading tech expert for Hispanics and author of the bestselling book, El Salto, has been invited to participate in the…

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Latino Author Coro Presented his New Book “El Salto” at Books & Books

Coro Gives Book Lecture and Motivates the Local Hispanic Community on How to Leverage Technology to Advance and Find Success Miami, Florida May 26, 2012 –Ariel Coro, Latino Author and…

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El Salto Sells Out at LéaLA Book Fair

Los Angeles, CA –May 14, 2012 Ariel Coro’s new book, El Salto – aprovecha las nuevas tecnologías y alcanza tu potencial created a sensation among attendees when recently showcased at…

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El Salto Featured in American Airlines’ Nexos Magazine

Ariel Coro’s new book “El Salto” was featured in the popular international in-flight magazine, American Airlines Nexos, in the April/May edition with a glowing recommendation. Nexos, is an award-winning magazine…

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An in-depth look at El Salto by Impremedia

La Opinión, the number one Spanish daily in the United States, published an in-depth look at El Salto in the business section.    

Tech Guru and his book El Salto takes flight in the windy city

Chicago welcomes tech guru Ariel Coro and the educational message of his new book, El Salto Chicago, IL – February 13, 2012 – Ariel Coro, the tech guru for Hispanics…

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El Salto on Miami’s hottest station

Ariel visited the Enrique Santos show the number one radio show in Miami to present El Salto.

Random House Vintage Español publishes El Salto by Ariel Coro

The first motivational book on technology written for a Spanish Speaking audience Miami, FL, February 7, 2012: Hispanics could pay a very steep price for not leveraging the latest technologies.…

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