Resourcefulness is in our roots

Latinx Heritage Speaker Coro

Ariel Coro, the most trusted tech expert for Hispanics and popular guest Hispanic Heritage Month Speaker announced today a special motivational speech in commemoration of Hispanic Heritage Month. His new speech, Resourcefulness is in our Roots, tells the story of how he grew up in Cuba during the “Período Especial” (Special Period) and how he and millions of others survived extreme poverty and scarcity of every possible kind through creativity and in his case, leveraging discarded technology to create and invent to be able to survive.

“This is an important month to reflect on our roots and history and that’s the purpose of the speech, to remind us of our resourcefulness in tough circumstances and to be able to apply the same skill set to get ahead in this country where resources, many of them technological, abound,” said Coro.

While in Cuba, Coro was one of the first people to build his own computer out of scrap parts and he even engineered a makeshift satellite dish from spare parts of Soviet-era radios to access channels forbidden by the government such as HBO and CNN. This resourcefulness allowed Coro to eventually move to the United States. Coro arrived in the U.S. with very little knowledge of English and a high school education but with the will to succeed and to continually educate himself.

This Hispanic Heritage speech is a motivational and compelling story about the will to succeed and ingenuity under tough circumstances.

In this motivational speech your Hispanic (latinx) Heritage Month audience will discover:

  • Incredible stories of ingenuity, survival, and success from Coro and many Latinos that have left their mark and inspire us to succeed every day even when our resources are limited.
  • How to leverage the technology available to us in modern society to become more efficient to squeeze more productivity out of our day.
  • Where to find inspiration and positive influence to continue inventing, creating and innovating.
  • Unforgettable case studies of people and organizations that have used these principles to make their dent in the world.
  • The best defense for when Artificial Intelligence comes for our jobs.

As a Latino Keynote Speaker, Coro engages the audience in his charismatic style through stimulating creativity exercises and will also share advice found in his motivational book “El Salto – aprovecha las nuevas tecnologías y alcanza tu potencial” that have helped him surmount incredible obstacles as an immigrant and to work for prestigious organizations such as the Hubble Space Telescope and Cisco Systems.

Creativity and Innovation is more important than ever

We are living in tough times where technology is starting to turn on us in many ways. Artificial Intelligence is bound to replace many jobs and professions and it’s really up to us to leverage our creativity to survive. This creativity and innovation capability comes natural to all people but we forget how to tap into this precious resource.

What are your challenges? Customizing this Speech or Workshop

We are often asked to customize our speeches and workshops for specific industries, organizations or institutions. We are happy to oblige since Coro is proud to have never given the same speech twice as he takes the time and effort to understand the challenges the audience is facing and address these issues.

Keynote or Workshop?

Coro is an accomplished Hispanic Heritage Speaker and his keynote speeches run from 45 minutes up to an hour depending on the client’s requirements and are filled with vivid examples, useful case studies and delivered with Coro’s signature enthusiasm and humor. Workshops usually run from 4 to 8 hours and are interactive, hands-on and designed to increase team cohesion.

Contact Coro’s team to check his availability for your organization’s Hispanic (Latinx) Heritage Event

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