Scrappy Innovation

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Traditional innovation methodologies are becoming less effective in the fast-paced world we are living in. To stay agile, creative and adapt in the face of rapid change and increasing uncertainty, a new approach is needed. Scrappy Innovation.

In this engaging and practical speech, tech & innovation expert Ariel Coro will discuss the power of scrappy innovation and how it can drive success in both personal and professional projects. Drawing on his own experiences, personal story and those of other successful entrepreneurs and innovators, Ariel will provide attendees with a jam-packed session filled with actionable strategies and tips for implementing scrappy innovation principles to supercharge creativity.

Scrappy innovation is not just about finding solutions when resources are limited, it’s a mindset that spreads through an organization and fosters a culture of innovation that supports experimentation, continuous learning, and growth at all levels. Scrappy innovation is the unifying theory and the evolution of Coro’s years of presenting to corporate innovation teams by incorporating their invaluable feedback on this topic.
Coro also deconstructs notable examples of scrappy innovation from famous innovators such as: Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, Sara Blakely from Spanx, to Elon Musk’s scrappy approach that has helped him disrupt industries and achieve success even when others thought his ideas were too ambitions or unrealistic.

Everyone who attended the event left energized and ready to innovate, being their authentic selves. I highly recommend Ariel Coro for your Speaking Events. - Nancy P. James Hardie

In this Keynote Speech, Virtual Presentation or Workshop your audience will learn:

  • Discover how to build a culture of scrappy innovation within your organization.
  • Explore real-world examples of scrappy innovation in action, and how it can lead to breakthroughs and industry disruption.
  • Case studies of successful innovators, entrepreneurs and organizations who have used scrappy innovation to achieve success.
  • Actionable steps for implementing scrappy innovation in your own life and workplace.
  • Be inspired by breakthrough achievements from companies that used these principles to succeed against all odds.
  • Learn the definition of scrappy innovation and why it's important in today's rapidly changing world.
  • Understand how to brainstorm and ideate effectively and how limited resources and constraints can help and not hinder the innovation process.
  • Gain practical tips for staying motivated and focused during the innovation process by adopting a “Scrappy Attitude.”

Overall, attendees of this speech will gain a deeper understanding of the growing importance of scrappy innovation, and how they can leverage its principles to drive success in their careers and personal lives.

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