Synaptic Innovation: Using AI to Unleash Your Creative Intelligence

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This is a speech about creativity, innovation and unleashing the future of creative intelligence by leveraging artificial intelligence.

You can’t hide from AI, it’s everywhere these days and for a reason. In the span of a few years, this technology has come to dominate the global conversation about the future of work and the role humans in the new society. The popularity of AI is driven by its potential to transform industries, create new markets, improve productivity, and solve complex problems. As technology continues to evolve, AI's role is likely to expand even further, integrating into everyday life and business operations.

The hype is unavoidable but, are you personally and your organization utilizing AI to supercharge your innovation efforts? Besides automation and many basic applications, is your organization missing out on the real benefits of using AI for innovation?

All these AI systems are missing one key ingredient. Your very own lived experiences, connections and perspectives that have been in the driver's seat when it comes to creativity and innovation since the beginning of humanity. The most important thing missing from AI is imagination and your personal touch but when the two are combined skillfully, it can generate an avalanche of creativity and catapult innovation in a powerful way which Coro calls Synaptic Innovation.

In this Keynote, Coro weaves case studies, lived experiences and presents examples which make the case on how to leverage AI to innovate like never before by creating the perfect mixture of imagination, human cognition and artificial intelligence to achieve breakthrough innovations.

In this forward-thinking presentation, Ariel Coro delves into the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in driving innovation across industries. He explores how AI is not just a tool for automation but a catalyst for creating groundbreaking ideas and solutions.

In this speech, Coro will engage your audience to learn about

  • The business case for leveraging AI in the Creative Process.
  • An in-depth look at how AI technologies are fueling innovation in various sectors.
  • Learn to use AI in developing new products, services, and business models.
  • Strategies for leveraging AI to enhance creativity and accelerate the innovation process.
  • Insights into the intersection of AI with other emerging technologies for multidisciplinary innovation.
  • Improving decision making by generating data-driven insights that only AI can feasibly produce.
  • Case studies showcasing successful AI-driven innovations and the transformative impact they have had.
  • Practical tips for businesses to integrate AI into their innovation initiatives.
  • Empowering creativity by using AI-augmented ideation and problem-solving.
  • Improving Speed to market of products and services by utilizing AI during the research and development cycles by leveraging AI from ideation to prototype to production

This presentation is crafted to inspire and equip business leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators with the knowledge and tools to harness AI for groundbreaking innovations. Ariel Coro's expertise and engaging delivery make this session a valuable resource for anyone looking to leverage AI for creative and transformative purposes in the modern business landscape.

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