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4 gadgets and apps for your next summer party

Cool off your summer parties with these tech gadgets and apps! Mix music and personal videos with Vjay, use The Beamz for interactive music, try Xylobands for a visual impact, and create a photo booth with Pocketbooth. Get the party started!

4 gadgets and apps for your next summer party

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Summer has arrived, and as temperatures rise, people all over are finding ways to cool off by the pool or at the beach. But don't forget to invite the latest tech to your next summer party! Ariel Coro, the most recognized tech expert for Hispanics, recently visited Despierta America, Univision's #1 morning show on Hispanic Television, to present some cool summer party apps and gadgets that are worth checking out.

Summer Party Apps

One of the apps that Coro recommends is Vjay, which allows you to mix music and personal videos with special effects to liven up the party. Your creations can be shared on a big screen or recorded for later viewing. The app is easy to use, so you can shoot your own videos, layer on top visual effects, and add them to your own DJ mega mix.

If you want to make your next party interactive, Coro suggests The Beamz gadget. This device uses lasers, in combination with an application, to interact with the music and create new sounds. Guests can put their hands through the lasers to play different instruments that can be configured to sound in tune with the music. The result is an amazing experience that will keep your guests entertained and engaged throughout the party.

For a more visually stunning effect, Coro recommends using Xylobands. These bracelets are often used in major concerts and parties, creating a spectacular visual impact. They can be synchronized with the music or set in various patterns where they turn on or off, turn on all at once, or setup areas where entire different sections are turned on or off. They are controlled by an interface on a computer or iPad and use a proprietary radio frequency to not interfere with other radio equipment.

Lastly, the Pocketbooth app can be used to create your own photo booth for the party. You just need to pick a designated location for your tablet, and your guests can take their own photo strips just as in an actual booth. They can share their creations with the world via social media and create fun and unforgettable memories.

Overall, the recommendation from Coro is to invite gadgets and apps as the VIP guests to your next party. The use of these technologies can add a whole new level of fun and entertainment to any summer party, leaving your guests with unforgettable memories of the event.

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