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Big data is coming to health care! What does this mean?

Baptist Health South Florida has partnered with Leidos to create a real-time data-integration and patient monitoring suite for better patient care.

Big data is coming to health care! What does this mean?

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In emergency situations, patients go through a series of tests and procedures that generate vast amounts of data. However, the question is, what happens to all this data? Can it be monitored to improve patient care? Baptist Health South Florida has collaborated with Leidos to develop the healthcare industry's first real-time military-grade data-integration, mobile monitoring, and patient activation suite to address this issue.

The Benefits of Real-Time Data Monitoring

With the careC2 Pathways software, doctors and caregivers can access up-to-the-minute data that will assist them in making the most informed decisions to provide the right care at the right time. The software integrates all the patient data into one system and processes it to provide doctors with a real-time view of the patient's information as they go through treatment and recovery. This allows doctors to adjust care immediately based on any changes in the patient's condition.

Improving Treatment of Complex Conditions

Baptist and Leidos will collaborate in over 30 new clinical pathways to improve treatment for some of the most pervasive and complex conditions such as strokes, heart disease, and diabetes, among others. The software allows doctors to combine data from different sources and use advanced analytics to provide personalized and evidence-based treatment to each patient.

The Impact on Patient Care

The careC2 Pathways software enables doctors to better manage the complexity of treating patients with the best information available at every touchpoint. This simplifies patient care and can save lives. While patients may not notice these changes, doctors and caregivers can now provide better care using real-time data monitoring.

The collaboration between Baptist Health South Florida and Leidos to develop the careC2 Pathways software represents a significant step forward in using big data to improve patient care. By providing doctors and caregivers with up-to-the-minute data, they can make informed decisions to provide personalized and evidence-based treatment to each patient, ultimately saving lives.

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