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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month 2022: Reflecting on Achievements, Highlights, and New Insights

Hispanic Heritage Month 2022: A celebration of resilience, innovation, and culture, featuring virtual/in-person events, personal stories, and embracing diversity.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month 2022: Reflecting on Achievements, Highlights, and New Insights

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Hispanic Heritage Month is an annual celebration that honors the rich culture, history, and accomplishments of the Hispanic/Latinx community. As we mark the end of another successful season, I am filled with gratitude and pride for the resilience, resourcefulness, and innovation that defines this vibrant community. In this post, I will share my personal reflections, highlights, and new insights from the 2022 Hispanic Heritage Month, and how it continues to inspire and enrich us.

Virtual and In-Person Events: Challenges and Opportunities

Due to the ongoing pandemic, many of the events were still held virtually, providing an opportunity for broader participation from international business units as well as inclusivity. However, this also presented some challenges, including time zone differences, and screen fatigue. Nonetheless, organizers showed great creativity and adaptability, providing meaningful and impactful experiences for their audiences. One in-person event held at the James Hardie Building Products, Innovation Unit in California was a standout. Although virtual events can be convenient, we cannot replace the power of human connection and engagement and I really enjoyed getting to tour the R&D facility.

Here are some organizations that tapped Coro as a speaker for their Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations.

Logos of companies that hired Coro as a speaker for the 2022 Hispanic Heritage Month Event

Resourcefulness and Innovation: Personal Stories with Universal Messages

One of my favorite speeches was "Resourcefulness is in Our Roots," which shares my personal story of growing up in Cuba during difficult times and how we innovated to survive. I was happy to hear this message resonated with audiences, especially during the challenging times of a pandemic. It is a reminder that innovation is not a luxury but a necessity, and that our roots can provide us with the resilience and creativity we need to overcome any obstacle. "Innovating with an Accent" was another popular speech that emphasized the power of diversity and inclusion in driving creativity and innovation. As someone who has experienced this firsthand, I am passionate about promoting this message to all organizations and leaders. It is a practical and actionable way to leverage differences and create synergies that can benefit everyone.

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