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Hispanic Heritage Month Speaking Recap

Discover the highlights of Hispanic Heritage Month 2021 speeches by renowned Tech and Innovation expert Ariel Coro, including innovation and diversity topics.

Hispanic Heritage Month Speaking Recap

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Hispanic Heritage Month 2021 was both amazing and exhausting. We broke our own record for most speeches in the season with the whole month almost booked solid and every minute was so rewarding and worth it.

Many of the sessions were virtual with a few exceptions such as NextEra Energy / FPL which is headquartered in Juno Beach, Florida and was in person, which was a blast. I truly missed the personal connection of in-person with the organizers and the audience, and the feedback was truly spectacular.

The most popular speeches without a doubt were:

1- Resourcefulness is in our roots: This is by far my favorite speech and it shows. It’s very personal and has connected with audiences every time. It tells my personal story of growing up in Cuba during difficult times and how we innovated to survive. A message that could not resonate more during the challenging times of a pandemic.

2- Innovating with an accent: This is a speech about creativity, innovation and why people of diverse backgrounds and cultures can come together as the ideal mix for a burst of creativity and innovation inside any organization. I’ve experienced this firsthand and it’s nothing short of amazing to watch. This speech puts it in a practical context.

Of course, each organization received a customized speech for their event! There were many other interesting topics that I was requested to speak on such as the Metaverse, The Blockchain and of course, Cybersecurity. These topics are constantly evolving and many event organizers find themselves continuously changing in order to stay relevant to their Zoomed-out audiences.

My profound thanks to these organizations for furthering the cause of innovation and for promoting diversity and inclusion via Hispanic Heritage Month:

Next Era Energy (FPL)

The World Bank

LPL Financial

NCTA The Internet & Television Association

Argo AI


My favorite review from this season was from Hector S. at LPL Financial:

There are few speakers who can inspire, educate and entertain the way that Ariel Coro does. We in the HOLA ERG Fort Mill at LPL Financial were lucky enough to hear his talk on "Resourcefulness is in our Roots".
Within minutes he had the audience amazed with both his technical ingenuity and also the courageous personal struggle. You can hear in his voice the years of relentless perseverance and confidence-building vision to become not only the entrepreneur he is today, but especially the positive influence on his international community of followers. Thank you, Ariel, for not only the wealth of knowledge but the positive energetic attitude that helps drive others forward!

I feel truly honored when my speeches connect with audiences in such a profound way, and it makes all the prep work that goes into every speech, every virtual session, and every panel worth it.

Last but not least, since our virtual studio was built purposefully for remote TV interviews before the pandemic, it was very easy to adapt it for all the virtual keynotes and panel requests. We now have the latest sound and video tech for the perfect streaming quality that has satisfied the most discerning of IT and production departments and discerning they are! So, don’t be afraid, we have used Zoom, Webex, Skype, Teams and just about every other remote conference and webinar software. So much so, that we had to dedicate a computer just for event broadcasting.

For the 2022 Hispanic Heritage Month celebration, I’m planning a new series of speeches that weave in the culture factor in Innovation and other interesting topics. As always, I feel honored to be chosen by such prestigious organizations and ERGs that want to celebrate their culture and differences and leverage them to better their careers, become role models for others and improve their company culture. ¡Gracias!

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