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Unleashing Innovation: Keynoting Procter & Gamble's R&D Hispanic Affinity Group Event

Delve into the Unleash event by Procter & Gamble's R&D Hispanic Affinity Group, celebrating the fusion of innovation and Hispanic heritage. Discover insights from keynotes and panels as they explore creativity, resourcefulness, and the power of simulated adversity in fostering groundbreaking innovations. A testament to P&G's commitment to diversity and the driving force of Hispanic roots in modern innovation.

Unleashing Innovation: Keynoting Procter & Gamble's R&D Hispanic Affinity Group Event

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A Day of Inspiration at the Unleash Event

I had the honor of being a keynote speaker at the Unleash event, hosted by Procter & Gamble's R&D Hispanic Affinity Group. This gathering was a testament to the power of creativity and innovation, with participants eager to break boundaries and expand their horizons by listening to different perspectives and creating strong bonds with colleagues in different business units. 

Merging Innovation & Resourcefulness

My keynote was a unique blend of two of my most cherished topics: "Innovating with an Accent" and "Resourcefulness is in our Roots". I titled it "Innovation & Resourcefulness are in Your Roots". Addressing a room filled with some of P&G's brightest minds from the R&D groups from different business lines was one of the greatest honors in my speaking career. In my presentation, I intertwined personal stories, humor, and insights, emphasizing the intrinsic resourcefulness rooted in our shared Hispanic heritage.

Simulated Adversity: A Catalyst for Innovation

One of the concepts I introduced was "Simulated Adversity". By placing oneself in constrained situations, creativity and innovation are ignited. I shared how this 'simulated adversity' approach is harnessed to foster groundbreaking innovations and how it could positively impact the bright minds in the room.

Embracing Our Hispanic Roots in Innovation

Conversing and getting to know the team members of the R&D Hispanic Affinity Group, I felt a deep connection with the shared understanding of the challenges our community faces. We, as a community, exemplify the spirit of maximizing available resources and looking at problems with a different lens. This inherent resourcefulness and resilience, deeply embedded in our Hispanic culture, are potent drivers for innovation that need to be leveraged.

A Symphony of Stories at P&G

The Unleash event was a celebration of diversity and talent. From seasoned employees who have dedicated over 30 years to P&G, to the vibrant Hispanic newcomers, each story added a unique note to the symphony of innovation from this global brand.

Leading the Innovation Panel

I also had the privilege of moderating an impactful innovation panel, featuring luminaries like Victor Aguilar, Rafael Trujillo, Germara Villalongo, and Kassandra Diaz. Each panelist shared personal stories and insights, bridging the gap between the concepts from my talk and their real-life experiences at P&G.

In Conclusion

The Unleash event was more than just a symposium; it was an experience that celebrated the innovators, thinkers, visionaries, and doers of P&G. With speakers like James Fripp sharing invaluable insights, the event was a resounding success. Here's to the continued journey of innovation, powered by the spirit of diversity and the indomitable spirit of the Hispanic community.

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