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Yaymaker interviews Coro

Hear Ariel Coro's inspiring story of triumph over adversity & how he fosters innovation. Book him for your next virtual event with Yaymaker.

Yaymaker interviews  Coro

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Recently, Coro was interviewed by Yaymaker, a young event company making a mark on the virtual event space leveraging technology to thrive where other more traditional speaker’s bureaus have failed to adapt to the newer technologies and more dynamic business model required to triumph in the virtual event age.

Coro spoke about his trajectory about coming to the United States as an 18 year-old from Cuba and how his career advanced rapidly in the tech field where he ended up working as an Engineer for Cisco Systems in California and from then on, becoming the most trusted tech expert for Hispanics in the US providing commentary on all things tech and automotive on Despierta America, Televisa Univision’s #1 morning show in the U.S. for Hispanic audiences as well as many other media outlets.

Coro briefly mentioned his challenges of getting started in the media talking to Spanish-speaking audiences about technology topics and how much resistance he encountered initially. Believe it or not, he was told that Spanish speaking Hispanics didn’t care about technology and that they wouldn’t even understand it. A few year later, this section of the population is one of the most connected with a higher adoption of mobile technologies although a lot of work still remains to be done with the home broadband adoption and addressing the leaky tech pipeline issues that are preventing Hispanics from being represented in proportional numbers in the silicon valley tech companies as high tech leader and in leadership roles.

When it comes to topics, Matthew asked about the topics Coro most commonly covers for Hispanic Heritage Month Speeches and Coro mentioned the most popular topic he is requested to speak about all year-long which is his speech titled Innovating with an Accent. This speech resonates with all audiences because it’s Coro’s story of triumph in the face of adversity and it shows people how innovation and creativity are everywhere; we just need to condition ourselves to tap into these invisible but very tangible forces.

In the words of one of our clients this season at James Hardie Building Products:

“I highly recommend Ariel Coro for your Speaking Events. He is very personable, humble, and knowledgeable. He has an infectious positive attitude. His topic “Innovating with an Accent” captures the themes on how differing perspectives are crucial for the innovation process and can really set you apart from your competitors. Everyone who attended the event left energized and ready to innovate being their authentic selves.”

This story is incredibly powerful and it’s about motivating people from all walks of life as they can identify themselves with different parts of the story. We’ve all have had to struggle one way or the other and no matter where you come from, this story very much resonates with our human condition and makes people question their ability and capacity for innovation which in many cases can lay dormant.

As the many clients from Fortune 100 companies, fintech, universities, banking institutions and many others that hired Coro as their Hispanic Heritage Keynote speaker know, Coro is a fun and engaging speaker which connects whith audiences while delivering a powerful message of renewal, transformation and energizes people to be the very best they can be.

Coro has been working with Yaymaker non exclusively during Hispanic Heritage month.


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