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An innovation culture is on every leader’s wish list. The ability of their teams to think differently and go against the grain in order to create inventions, products, and services that have the potential to revolutionize industries is a novel goal. Like a Michelin Star chef, turning common ingredients into something extraordinary requires the playfulness of unbridled creativity combined with relentless execution and it’s easier said than done.

What if there was a magic ingredient that leaders could add to their efforts that can substantially accelerate this process? What if Hispanics have these ingredients culturally but are suppressed to comply and fit in within the corporate culture?

In this speech Ariel Coro, a renowned Tech and Innovation Expert, author, and Keynote speaker explores some of the Hispanic cultural traits that if leveraged properly, can be the catalyst to your organization’s innovation efforts.

What are some of the traits that Hispanics and multi-cultural people possess that can be leveraged to out-innovate your competitors?

  • The first is Cultural Duplexity – this doesn’t apply only to Hispanics and it’s the feeling of being American but identifying with another strong culture or heritage. It’s also the ability to have strong bonds to both cultures and be able to simultaneously navigate in both worlds and switch between them seamlessly.
  • The second is Optimism. This is a view of the world shared by the world’s most renowned visionaries and it’s the feeling that things will be better in the future and to invest in positive and exponential change that will contribute to those results as a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • The third one is hard to explain but I call it "sabor” which means flavor in Spanish. It’s the richness of the culture, the food, the spices, the aromas that can transport us to faraway worlds by tasting just a spoonful of something delicious and our willingness to share that experience with others.

These and other ingredients are already present in your teams but they are being suppressed. The nirvana-like culture of innovation relies on the commitment to unorthodox thinking by democratizing idea generation and rewarding experimentation without chastising failure.

In this speech, Coro explores with interesting and fun examples how “Cultura” can supercharge your organization’s innovation efforts. Participants will have powerful takeaways such as:

• Ability to recognize and embrace market trends before competitors
• Governance structures that promote innovation in the workplace
• Case studies that showcase unprecedented growth by applying these principles
• Job roles that propel innovation in the workplace
• How to positively deal with failure to achieve exponential success
• And much more

This speech was created with Hispanic Heritage month in mind at the behest of clients looking to articulate and implement many of these principles in their organizations. The content in it has evolved organically after interacting with many diverse groups and carefully understanding their challenges and many successes.

The format for this keynote is normally 45 minutes that can be delivered in person or virtually. Check Coro’s availability today for your Hispanic Heritage Event or corporate gathering that will benefit from this transformative content.

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