The leading Hispanic on-air tech expert and speaker

Ariel Coro is the most trusted Technology Expert and the pioneer that introduced Tech, STEM and Innovation content to Spanish-language TV in the United States.

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Meet Coro

Coro is an author and a sought-after innovation speaker delivering engaging speeches and workshops for corporate, educational, government and non-profit audiences.

His trail-blazing career has propelled Hispanics in the U.S. to overcome countless obstacles by embracing tech education and leveraging its capabilities to succeed.

As a successful small business owner, startup co-founder and advisor to several Fortune 500 companies, Coro has been involved in various business and philanthropic initiatives and is a force to be reckoned with in the tech space.

Ariel Coro, Latinx Hispanic Speaker and Tech Guru


Coro’s first book titled “El Salto” was published by Random House Vintage en Español and offered Latinos a fresh perspective and practical guide for living in the digital age. The book was ahead of its time and it was a smashing success.

Ariel Coro Author Book Signing
Ariel Coro on a Studio

Media Personality

Coro pioneered on-air Tech commentary on the Major Spanish-Language TV networks in the U.S. He reaches millions of households every week. Thanks to his unrelenting drive, technology is no longer a barrier to a better life for millions of Latinos.

Keynote Speaker

Coro is a sought-after keynote speaker popular for his dynamic, humorous and engaging style. He has presented for some of the biggest names in the corporate, non-profit and educational fields, garnering amazing feedback from the audience.

Although he prefers in-person events, his personality comes through for virtual presentations alike.

Hispanic Speaker Coro giving a speech

Popular Speeches with All Audiences


Innovating with an accent: Why diversity is the key to innovation

This is a speech about innovation, creativity and why people of diverse backgrounds and cultures can create the perfect mix for an explosion of creativity and innovation within your organization. You’ve heard an accent before, it immediately tells you somebody is not from where you’re from. But, what are accents anyways?


Resourcefulness is in our Roots: Tapping into your ancestral innovator

This speech is a motivational and compelling story about tapping into your core creativity and learning to remove mental limitations that are limiting the potential for your organization to innovate.

From Inspiration to Execution: Hispanic Inventors Who Changed the World

Hispanic Inventors have contributed immensely to our society. What would the modern world be without color television, artificial hearts or concrete buildings? Not an easy place to imagine. What do these modern advancements have in common? They were all the brainchildren of Hispanic inventors. Each and every one of them has amazing inspirational stories.

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